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  1. EdwardDiggory

    Which cast members do you want to see?

    I'm going to make this VERY easy for you........ I would like to see ANYONE!! Especially the Fellowship obviously! I can't pick just one person from each!
  2. EdwardDiggory

    Group Photo

    YES PLEASE!!!!
  3. EdwardDiggory

    Latest Guest Announcement - JOE MANGANIELLO

    Amazingly Awesome!!! Can't wait to meet him!!! Thanks!!!!
  4. EdwardDiggory

    Latest Guest Announcement - KELLAN LUTZ

    I'm excited about this announcement.... I thought he was absolutely lovely at ET1 and very cheeky! (He did say he can run and kiss better than Rob!) I don't suppose he will bring his 2 mates along with him will he!!! They seemed cool!
  5. EdwardDiggory

    Group E

    My cousin and I are in this group! I'm S8!
  6. EdwardDiggory

    Latest Guest Announcement - JUSTIN CHON

    I think my cousin is considering having pictures with him and jelly worms again!!! The photo from ET1 was HILARIOUS!!!
  7. EdwardDiggory

    What to eat Food Ideas

    Luckily for me I have never encountered a Hotel fire alarm! Now saying that, there probably will be one this time!!!
  8. EdwardDiggory

    next guest coming soon

    One person I'd love to meet is Cam Gigandet.......
  9. EdwardDiggory

    Party Themes Announced!

    My old school never had proms, or dances or any type of party really, which is why I LOVE the Twilight ones!!!!!
  10. EdwardDiggory

    I am looking forward to ...

    HAHA!! So true! I think everyone does that to get their money's worth! If not jam, then the babybels, nutella, doughnuts....... Wait, there is Nutella, this I did not know I love going back to the Hilton, it's great that we know where everything is. The one thing I have always found strange is why are the toilets so dark? The nutella mini tubs aren't always available.... Either they have it once in a while or you need to be at breakfast first thing/quicker than all attendees with large bags!!!!!
  11. EdwardDiggory

    I am looking forward to ...

    Ooooh, that reminds me.... I should have a Mullerrice somewhere in my fridge, unless the daughter has pinched it!!!
  12. EdwardDiggory

    I am looking forward to ...

    HAHA!! So true! I think everyone does that to get their money's worth! If not jam, then the babybels, nutella, doughnuts.......
  13. EdwardDiggory

    I am looking forward to ...

    Aww see that's cool I like how there's often lots of people that don't have much confidence, and are quite quiet etc, and are into different things to those around them. These things really do bring similar people together, and change lives for the better. Yep.... I wouldn't dare say the word "Twilight" where I live without the risk of some sort of verbal abuse!!! Oh how did I forget this It is one of the best parts of the weekend!!
  14. EdwardDiggory

    I am looking forward to ...

    I'm a very shy person, but since going to these conventions and talking to new people every 10 minutes, I'm much more confident now!!!
  15. EdwardDiggory

    I am looking forward to ...

    I'm looking forward to... 1) Meeting awesome guests that I would never get to meet any other way. 2) Catching up with my Twilight friends and making new ones. There are soooo many faces that I recognise yet I have never spoken to...... 3) Having the opportunity to dress up and have a drink and boogie. 4) Having my snuggle photoshoots with the guy guests!!! 5) Enjoying the awesome talks and hopefully not get deafened by the screams/blinded by the camera flashes! 6) HILTON BREAKFAST!!! Not long now!