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    Guest Wishlist

    Jamie Campbell Bower! Pleeeeease! Charlie Bewley Xavier Samuel Jackson Rathbone
  2. vikki407

    ET6 Schedule

    I feel like this is a stupid question that I should already know the answer to...but since Charlie is only there on the Sunday, does that mean we can't buy extra photoshoots/autographs with him?
  3. vikki407

    Latest Guest Announcement - CHARLIE BEWLEY

    I agree 100%! Pleeeeeeeeeease get Jamie and I'm excited about Bewley, as always thank you! x
  4. vikki407

    Trent Ford

  5. vikki407

    "ET6 Dream Guest Lists" :)

    Jamie Jamie Jamieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
  6. vikki407

    Big movie guest or a Cullen?

    I'd love to meet Michael Sheen or Dakota Fanning. I'd rather meet either of them than have one of the Cullens we've already had at previous ET events. BUT, if we included Jackson....I'd pick him over Michael or Dakota.....I think. Maybe. And tbh, I'd still looove to have Jamie Campbell Bower back - I'd pick him over any Cullen
  7. vikki407


    I really really wish there was dvds for both of them
  8. vikki407

    Jamie Campbell Bower...please ;)

  9. vikki407

    Distraught. LITERALLY

    Fair enough, probably should get closed anyway since if anyone else posts negatively when talking about a guest we get the old "the guests read these forums" speach and it gets closed :/
  10. vikki407

    Distraught. LITERALLY

    awww <3 I hope they get him back eventually :] I know chances are he won't be at ET5 but I'd love him back
  11. vikki407

    Distraught. LITERALLY

    Nope, but I'm sure there were A LOT more people there who loved him than hated him and I got to see him a few days before so it wasn't so bad..
  12. vikki407

    Distraught. LITERALLY

    True :) not such a shame for us who love him though
  13. vikki407

    Distraught. LITERALLY

  14. vikki407

    Distraught. LITERALLY

  15. vikki407

    who was the angel

    haha bet he was loving all the attention
  16. vikki407

    Distraught. LITERALLY

    Fair enough - there are worse questions than that, I don't know why he answered that one like that and not the others. What I do know is that he wouldn't have purposely tried to belittle anyone and its sad it came across as being rude because I'm sure that wasn't his intention.
  17. vikki407

    Distraught. LITERALLY

    awww its hard for me to comment on, cos obviously I wasn't there. But I'm sure he didn't mean to be rude though...I really don't think he'd want to upset anyone. maybe he was just fed up of the stupid questions and tried to make a joke out of it and it came across badly? he really is lovely guy
  18. vikki407

    Distraught. LITERALLY

    :S Why was it rude? What did he say?
  19. vikki407

    Best Guests Ever

    fight what? girl, you crazy and I do love him....just not in that way
  20. vikki407

    Themes? Maybe.. possibly..

    I'd love any excuse to stay in my jammies :)
  21. vikki407


    I don't know if there was for ET4, but theres usually some sort of thread for people that are going alone. and I know there has been meet-ups before for people who didn't have anyone to go with. It might be a lot easier meeting with people who are in the same situation rather than trying to befriend a group of people at the con who would rather stick to themselves? And it really does help talking to people online....I've met soo many people through the forums :) x
  22. vikki407

    Photoshoot Feedback

    haaaaate the blue blackground!
  23. vikki407

    Best Guests Ever

    was there something in the water this weekend?!
  24. vikki407

    Charlie's auction

    quite possibly, how much? I'll take whatever I can get