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  1. Some people in the audience seemed to think they were part of the panels... Also, agreed on the "nice spam" thing - inappropriate
  2. Joining the Bobby Love!! He would be an awesome addition to the con...
  3. Now if you put that on a tshirt, I would DEFINITELY buy it
  4. EEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCCCC!!!! *echoes* *echoes* Hmm. There appears to be an Eric Northman shaped whole in this thread. Just doing my civic duty and bringing it to Mark and Jason's attention.
  5. Renesme baby shower party! Love the idea of Final Showdown, I reckon that one could be done really well seeing as you've got a choice of Cullen (etc), Volturi, or Wolf Pack! Even though there's already been a Volturi Ball, I wouldn't mind having another one, and like has already been said the possibilities are endless...
  6. Hiya! At ET3 we had between 3 and 5 people staying in our twin room each night, nobody ever said anything :) it may be an idea for one person to check in and then the other two meet them at the room or something in case the people at check in get suspicious...but to be fair, I'm sure they know that there's extra people in the rooms, and I've not heard of anyone getting kicked out because of it...don't worry!
  7. I'd love to have a go at cosplaying, but not sure who I could get away with.. Jane would be a good one, but Marcus would be fun to do... actually Caius too! haha. So yeah, there may be an extra Volturi member runnin around at ET4
  8. Agreed with JaneDoe, I know I forget that Showmasters don't just run these Twilight cons... Well, the good, great and FABULOUS parts of the cons were: Improved procedure for calling in tickets to the halls for talks! at ET2 there were all kinds of ticket types forcing their way to the front which meant that I ended up in the second row even though I was G4...I mean, as complaints go I'm glad I was 2nd row rather than not being able to go at all but...it didn't really make sense Parties! I loved the extra stuff, great for photo opportunites, and the tent scene at the newborn party was inspired! The smoke machine killed my eyes when I was wearing contacts, but it did give a nice effect when the DJ was playing Thriller haha. Crew - I met some really lovely crew members who were genuinely excited to be part of Eternal Twilight which was nice (do have to say tho as this is supposed to be constructive criticism - there are a couple of crew members who are pretty rude and condescending to attendees, which is frustrating as we've forked out quite a bit of money to be there and don't really like being spoken to like a 5 year old...especially when the info that the crew member in question had was wrong!!) Gold Pass reception- the tables was a great idea, SO MUCH preferred this to standing in a group at ET2! It's easy to accidentally cut people out of the conversation if you're all standing up around a guest, but with the guest seated at the table it was easier to hear what they were saying (to an extent) and it probably made the guests feel a little less crowded to..so bravo showmasters for that one! (Plus the cakes at the reception were lovely!) Food: Good LORD the Hilton is expensive. But there are cheaper alternatives available than going to their restaurants such as ordering in from Dominoes which me and 4 other people did twice! (Healthy!!) And of course the food court, but I didn't actually check that out unfortunately, so i can't comment.. John Henson/Costume Collection - BLESS HIM!!! He's absolutely hilarious and it was great seeing all those costumes up close, the Volturi ones in particular were just...well, I don't want to sound completely pretentious here, but...they were majestic! Loved the detail on them. And John's talk was great, and the screening of the two Hillywood Show parodies was such a nice way to get veryon laughing, so that was great :) Guest Encounters! I had my first guest encounter at ET3 so this isn't comparing it to anything..but I wanted to say THANK YOU to Showmasters for giving the fans a chance to do something like that. It was great to get a little more personal with the guests (in my case Charlie!) and it was a fantastic experience, so again, thank you :) All in all, it's so easy to get home and then just remember the things that bothered you or that you didn't like (it's just human nature I think!) but at the end of the day if constructive criticisms are listened to and taken into account about the things that didn't work, then the good comments on the stuff that DID work should be taken ino account too. Thanks for a great weekend Showmasters, Guests, Crew, Attendees and everyone else involved!
  9. Oooh I LIKE the Heyer-Dahlings! Although that sounds like a team name specifically for the love between Christopher Heyerdahl and Jamie Campbell Bower - which isn't necessarily a bad thing!!
  10. lol no way! I do know people that didnt eat the slab cake with the apples on cos they didnt realise I made it lol They thought I just made Bellas Birthday cake instead lol You are a fab cake maker! thank you for putting up with my "gold pass reception" (and by that I mean "wine soaked") questions about lost prophet cakes...
  11. Team Hairy Balls needs some kind of group name, like the Bewliers.. Maybe we can be the Ball-iers?
  12. wait...this is a bad thing?!
  13. seems like the majority of conventions just have fans asking the questions... put two mics up, on either side of the room, let people queue to ask their questions, that way the guests have control over when they want to move along to another question or even whether they want to answer it in the first place. Without meaning to offend, the gaps between questions were sooo awkwardly looooong, that the guests were just sat around looking uncomfortable...
  14. canaliens

    Jared Padalecki

    How is Jared's request thread all the way down here?! We NEED Jared Padalecki at this event! C'mon, where have all the Sam fans gone?
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