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  1. Sauron

    Quotes with Autographs

    Jonathan Pryce - dedication and 'All sinners are equal before the Gods' Jessica Henwick - 'I now pronounce you an honorary sand snake, welcome!'
  2. Sauron

    Welcome to Middle Earth!

    Bernard Hill and David Wenham back please!
  3. Sauron

    Guest Suggestions

    Any LOTR guests.
  4. Sauron

    Ian Holm

    Major Bump! Please get Ian for an event.
  5. Sauron

    Bonnie Piesse

    Count me in for Bonnie!
  6. Sauron

    Latest Guest Announcement - SALA BAKER

    AMAZING! More LOTR guests please! Just so there is no confusion the bottom two pictures are nathaniel lees not Sala Baker.
  7. Sauron

    any news?

    It's a difficult situation for me. I'm all about the guests andn autographs. I realise that they need people to buy tickets in order to afford the big guests but I am holding out unless there are guests that I'm interested in seeing. I miss the LOTR people at the big SM shows like CM MK or LFFC. Would be great to have someone like bernard hill or miranda otto back again.
  8. Excellent, I have two things for him to sign!
  9. Sauron

    latest guests announcement - JOHN HURT

    Excellent! Really happy with this announcement
  10. Sauron

    Voice actors?

    James Taylor and Chris Sanders from Star wars would be awesome!
  11. Sauron

    guests that have only done 1 show.

    Christopher Lloyd Paul Brooke David Barclay