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  1. englishfreckle

    Exciting news for all attending ET4

    Well I posted last night on a site I'm on about Et4, just checked twitter and some of our members have tweets saying 'Saving for eternal twilight four now'
  2. Taylor, Nikki <333 and Kellan :)
  3. englishfreckle

    Exciting news for all attending ET4

    Is there a banner or anything we can use to link back to the et4 site? Just because people are more likely to pay attention to it then.. thanks :)
  4. englishfreckle

    someone at et3 lol

    That was Jenny, for Supernatural right? I think the competition is over now :)
  5. englishfreckle

    ET4 - Roll Call

    Name Janelle Age (If you want to!) 21 Where you are from Ellesmere Port/ Lancaster Been to ET1 or ET2, going to ET3 or Proms Been to Et1, 2 & 3 Gold, Silver or Standard Silver baby! Hotel Hilton Looking for a roomie? Staying with my friend Laura Pic
  6. englishfreckle

    Guess the Theme

    A+ so true!
  7. englishfreckle

    North West fans

    Hey guys! I sorta went AWOL from the ET3 thread, incase you don't know who I am, I'm Janelle, 21 from Chester/Lancaster
  8. englishfreckle

    Did anyone get any pics of the Cullen cosplayers?

    I have a few from the Newborn party, but they're not on my computer- I'll get them on asap
  9. englishfreckle

    Was anyone too shy?

    I was a bit taken back by that to be honest, I'm a lurker on here so didn't expect anyone to know me! It was lovely meeting you, you were such a laugh in the lines for photoshoots
  10. englishfreckle

    if you have hotel issues ?

    I just managed to book a room with the rate- and it seems like doubles and twins are available :)
  11. englishfreckle

    Civil War - Themed Party

    How many people are going in dresses? I've borrowed a Gone With The Wind esque dress from my friend who is a theatre wardrobe mistress. I don't want to be the only one going around in a poofball.
  12. englishfreckle


    I'm having to find the space for textbooks and uni stuff, I have a presentation to do next week that I haven't started ....oopsie. Otherwise my case consists of clothes, shoes and junk food
  13. englishfreckle

    Group 6

    Hey another group six person here! I'm Janelle and its my third con too, having been to ET1 & 2..you'll probably find me hanging around with Emma. I can be pretty quiet at first but once you get to know me you'll probably be telling me to shut up lolol I look like this so hiiiiiiii!! Can't wait to meet you all
  14. englishfreckle

    Civil War - Themed Party

    I'm definately thinking of getting a t-shirt saying 'this is so a civil war costume' for this one
  15. englishfreckle

    Who Would You Like To See At Bitten?

    Yes Jessica definately! Shes my favorite in it. Voted for Anna, Nelson and Alexander.