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  1. Well I posted last night on a site I'm on about Et4, just checked twitter and some of our members have tweets saying 'Saving for eternal twilight four now'
  2. Is there a banner or anything we can use to link back to the et4 site? Just because people are more likely to pay attention to it then.. thanks :)
  3. That was Jenny, for Supernatural right? I think the competition is over now :)
  4. Name Janelle Age (If you want to!) 21 Where you are from Ellesmere Port/ Lancaster Been to ET1 or ET2, going to ET3 or Proms Been to Et1, 2 & 3 Gold, Silver or Standard Silver baby! Hotel Hilton Looking for a roomie? Staying with my friend Laura Pic
  5. Hey guys! I sorta went AWOL from the ET3 thread, incase you don't know who I am, I'm Janelle, 21 from Chester/Lancaster
  6. I have a few from the Newborn party, but they're not on my computer- I'll get them on asap
  7. I was a bit taken back by that to be honest, I'm a lurker on here so didn't expect anyone to know me! It was lovely meeting you, you were such a laugh in the lines for photoshoots
  8. I just managed to book a room with the rate- and it seems like doubles and twins are available :)
  9. How many people are going in dresses? I've borrowed a Gone With The Wind esque dress from my friend who is a theatre wardrobe mistress. I don't want to be the only one going around in a poofball.
  10. I'm having to find the space for textbooks and uni stuff, I have a presentation to do next week that I haven't started ....oopsie. Otherwise my case consists of clothes, shoes and junk food
  11. Hey another group six person here! I'm Janelle and its my third con too, having been to ET1 & 2..you'll probably find me hanging around with Emma. I can be pretty quiet at first but once you get to know me you'll probably be telling me to shut up lolol I look like this so hiiiiiiii!! Can't wait to meet you all
  12. I'm definately thinking of getting a t-shirt saying 'this is so a civil war costume' for this one
  13. Yes Jessica definately! Shes my favorite in it. Voted for Anna, Nelson and Alexander.
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