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  1. Hi everyone. I'm a first time poster over here so be gentle. Anyway my name is Kelly, I'm 20 years old and from Chicago, IL. I'm a bit of a convention-a-holic really, as well as a huge fan of anything Joss Whedon (which is somewhat apparant from my username and signature). I recently attended FX in January and had a wonderful time. So anyway getting to my point here, sort of. I made friends with some people over at Livejournal who went to G-Mex and after seeing their pictures and hearing their stories I've sort of started to plan out a trip to attend G-Mex 2 this November. I'm not entirely sure if I'm going to be going yet (*crosses fingers and hopes for Robert Pattinson and Stanislav Ianevski to attend*) but right now it's looking like a very strong possibility, regardless of the fact that I absolutely hate flying. This will be my first time in the UK so I was wondering if anyone would be able to suggest any good hotels close to the event. Researching stuff online can really only get me so far, I'm curious about people's opinions. Where is a good (and hopefully not too expensive, as I am a poor college student, who happened to get lucky with really good airfare) place to stay? Thanks so much.
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