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  1. With RDA about - fishing...?
  2. Hmm - should I be thinking about preparing...?
  3. MadOne

    Men Please!

    Now I understand Michael and Teryl pulling out (with major woe and lamentation from this end - but I understand it) but to replace with 3 guys... Well the fangirls get their way again!
  4. MadOne


    I'm sure we'll spare you 10 minutes... on Sunday evening.
  5. Darn - do I own anything without a collar? PS: The answer "you will do shortly" would not be considered helpful...
  6. It'll be great to meet Peter - much as I love the regular cast, the show wouldn't have survived without a truly superb baddie in the first few years - and we have God himself come among us! With this quality of guest, I'm not too upset by there being no ladies as yet (but I'd still be happy if Teryl of variousl other lovely ladies were availible...)
  7. Well Colin will be the only guest coming that I will have met before - but he is absolutely terrific. Simply stated, the best convention guest I have ever met. The one time convention that I was at where he was showed the style of the man. Arrived early, asked reception to take his bag to his room and sat down on the nearest sofa with fans (Happily the one I was at). Chatted merrily for at least two hours. The Evenings: Stayed in the bar to at least 3am each night and is the most amazing magician and spoon bender. The skill is just phenomenal. And happily talks and chats all the time. His stopping time on watches is another magnificent trick as well. I mean this seriously: if you are coming, bring a pack of teaspoons - good quality thick really difficult to bend teaspoons. That way, you can take home a CC re-sculpted spoon. At the talks and the auctions, talked to everyone, happily answered all the questions and was a live wire the entire time. Lets put it this way - this guy could carry a convention on his own. And we get him plus four other people I haven't met before. Trust me, this is good news and despite a rather large cash-flow problem right now, I'm glad I've gone gold for this!
  8. MadOne

    Party Themes

    I did both! I'm always up for making a fool of myself. I would have done - but only decided I was coming a week or so in advance and only had time for one costume. Hopefully will have more time to do more this time. Now Furling night - that gets my vote!
  9. Likewise - I hadn't planned on getting the ticket yet - but rather pleased that I did!
  10. Talk to everyone! We're all pretty friendly (I'm saying nothing more) (Or to put it another way, we're a bunch of nutters who will happily chat until 3am every day!)
  11. I'm running out of original ways or saying darn that will not be censored. Hmm - what about Nadgers? Has anyone said that yet? Damn, Damn, Damn, Damn, Damn. (Probably not original but worth saying anyway)
  12. MadOne

    Atlantis S05E04

    It was a good (though not IMHO exceptional) episode and although I did like the new borg (mostly what they were like while Lore was controlling them) I'm kind of hoping that they don't make too much of an apperance as we are now mid-way through the last season and I'd sooner not introduce a new enemy now - sooner have a bit of a final battle (or whatever) with Michael / the Wraith. I love the bit about Rodney having dropped the baby though.
  13. Well thinking back, I think in many ways Atlantis was at its best when it was properly cut off from Earth. Yes the story has progressed but they stopped being the underdogs and it was a different way of having to make do and do things for themselves. That is one thing that Universe should have going to it. And much as I loved Sam Carter in SG-1, having her parachute into Atlantis never really worked for me. So... if they are on their own, that really can't happen - they just have to get replacements from within the cast. Which as they never have more than one doctor at a time, we might have a doctor who lasts for the entire series... So... if there may be a character who comes over, who would you like to see and who wouldn't you like to see? My votes for like to see: Either Carson Beckett or Radek Zelenka. Carson would fit well as his family believe him dead (OK, technically the real Carson is dead...) and therefore he might want a different space mission. And Zelenka might need to get out from under McKay some time. Alternatively, the mission could be commanded by Major Lt Col Davis (well overdue for a promotion) who could do with having a single mission off Earth as experience before returning to the Pentagon and the mission goes wrong. Oh - and any reason to put Master Bra'tac in a new series would get my vote too. Who would I not like to see - Richard Woolsey (it would be Robert Picardo in Star Trek Voyager II) and Dr Bill Lee. Other people's thoughts?
  14. Just as long as no-one thinks of someone from Stargate Infinity as being a guest... (and no, I don't care what else they've been in).
  15. MadOne

    The Quiz

    I think that this is a great idea to have in reserve as a backup if we have, as we did last time, gaps in the schedule due to less guests than originally planned for. If we did have six guests and a full schedule, I'd think it a rather bad idea...
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