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  1. Still interested in the ROTJ stunt work though... anyone ?
  2. Always thought that Richard Bonehill was Mosep...
  3. Syd, Syd where are you? Can anyone please post a movie shot from him? Thx!
  4. So the picture on the LFCC website is actually her or is it just a reference like the picture for Jim Dowdall?
  5. I will be going with 2 friends of mine. So the date change wasn't a bad thing after all Something else then Andre Hazes of course!
  6. Absolutely terrific! And on Saturday... that makes it even possible for me to actually meet him! :-P
  7. The above picture is definitely not Vass Anderson. I bought the attached picture years ago from Alan Harris, hope to get it co-signed after all these years!
  8. It'll make a great combo picture with Julian Glover and Ian Liston!
  9. I heard some rumors, I heard some rumors... has it already been confirmed that he's attending LFCC?
  10. I'm gonna get my Anders Thomas Jensen Collector Box signed! Might add my Casino Royal dvd too...
  11. I think a seperate room or stand with a nice batch of pictures from the Kurtz/Joiner Archive would be very nice!
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