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  1. I used to watch FWA cause it was in my home town we now have XWA but never been to see it, aparrently its quite popular.
  2. Could be fun, but it will obviously mess up the season eight comics.
  3. I'm getting it for Christmas lol even though I have it on Dvd twice and once on VHS.
  4. I'm so getting one of these they look awesome.
  5. I think I paid £20 for his auto about 4 years back, still worth every penny though
  6. If MGM carry on like this they will turn into Fox, I hate the idea of Universe, just renew Atlantis and get over it.
  7. As a kid my favorite was always Jaws but thinking of it now I'd say Scaramanga, any man with a third nipple has to be Evil
  8. and I thought everyone had forgot about my little canceled show.
  9. Whedonfanuk


    DS9 was a seven year epic movie, don't think it will ever come back.
  10. If your talking about the small cube with a gate on the side I paid £200 for mine from Play.com, you should try a price compare site
  11. I haven't got around to watching this years and after reading some comments on here it doesn't sound much cop. Roll on Lockdown best PPV of the year!
  12. Just five! I want him back full time.
  13. I don't have a worst WrestleMania but the worst match for me has to be Hell in a Cell between Big Boss Man and The Undertaker at WM 15 (1999) When you have a big match like that you want it to be good, but it never got there.
  14. Bret Hart Sting ( Steve Borden ) Sabu ( Terry Brunk ) Samoa Joe AJ Styles ( Allen Jones ) Jeff Jerret Christian Cage ( William Reso ) So Cal Val ( Valerie Wyndham)
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