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  1. Mine arrived Tuesday but does have the signature of Tom Baker in the bottom left next to David Tennant
  2. Just had an email from Jason and yes they did have some signed by all 9 Doctors at extra cost
  3. Still no email but the site now says So I’ve emailed him again from my gmail address and again from the contact us page on the site
  4. No and no emails either The site says “Ghost ship customers should have been contacted, if you have not by friday 21st please email” so I have and hope I hear something after Cardiff
  5. I was only there on the Friday and never saw any nor did the Info Point know about them. From Facebook I gather on Saturday they were available from a stall next to the Info Point So what happened to the mugs ? :-)
  6. First surprise was that the hotel car park was full before 9 on a Saturday ! so a quick diversion to the E1 car park was in order. Then finding the main room was fun in a maze-like set of corridors Sad to see John Woodvine and Jennifer Hill had cancelled but hope they are OK The sales desk worked well as usual ( apart from a few intermittent problems with the card reader ) Glad to see the queue for Gene Cernan was long early on but for me the unexpected highlight was Bruce Glover who was courtesy itself and seemed to be listening carefully to everything being said and really tried to get a conversation going with each person. Also highlights were Janine Andrews who was really chatty and the two Shady Tree's Acorns ( Pat Gill and Jennifer Castle ) and yes Nick Tate with the Space 1999 kits perched on the corner of the desk. Sadly there seemed to be less dealers this time Thank you for a great Autographica once again
  7. Yes it was quieter than I thought it would be - although I have heard from 1 person who was put off by the astronaut prices One hairy moment was when the crew member handling the Stafford sales tried to charge me 300 for a G9 completion One other initial problem was that no-one knew where/how the credit card system was supposed to be happening... Basically just outside the entrance to the hall there is a reception desk where you can select which autographs you want , pay for them by card and receive £5 and £10 Autographica vouchers which can be used at the stands A big thanks to the crew who all seemed to be in good spirits Julie T Wallace was excellent - friendly and fun and a good listener Carmen, Olga, Eva and Julie Dawn Cole was also good and there was a lot of banter between the "Willy Wonka" guests Scott Carpenter was as good as ever and in fine form for someone in his mid-80s Tom Stafford did not look well to me but I do appreciate his visit No sign of Sterling Moss while I was there and no sign of flyers for the next Autographica
  8. Any news on whether the £175 is an across-the-board price or will Col Stafford have a mixed price list like Buzz Aldrin and others ( extra for partial or full completion of mission set, extra for mission id etc ) Whatever he will be amazing to meet !
  9. ditto after some lowlife kicked in our back gate on Saturday night Ah well hope to be at Autographica 13 next year
  10. Magic ! Any chance of images from her Great St Trinians Train Robbery or Hard Days Night films as well ?
  11. First off it was good to meet Dave Scott and Jim McDivitt - I joined the Scott queue first and at 10am there were just 8 in front of me...the McDivitt queue was much longer ( about the same as the Curtis queue ) Margaret Nolan and Caroline Munro were very friendly and had only 1 or 2 ahead of me There were 2 queues stretching across the signing room - for Luciana Paluzzi ( very friendly and chatted with everyone for as long as wanted ) and Lindsay Wagner Anneke Wills was interesting too I do hope this split between London and Birmingham continues - the journey from Manchester was serene compared to the frazzles in getting to Heathrow Finally many thanks to the staff especially the lady on McDivitt's photo desk who asked about the Match It For Pratchett sweatshirt I was wearing... still available from matchitforpratchett dot org
  12. For anyone confused the signposts are to the National Exhibition Centre or N. E. C. ( The Showmasters forum does not like the place :-) )
  13. Dave Scott, Jim McDivitt, Margaret Nolan, Bernard Cribbens, Caroline Munro ( always good to meet her ), Lalla Ward and hopefully Anneke Wills maybe Paluzzi
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