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  1. I'm LOVIN this series at the moment, this and 24 are my favourites of the year!!!!!
  3. Hi, my faves would be: Anyone from Buffy/Angel Anyone from Lost Anyone from 24 (lovig it SOOO much at the moment lol) Anyone from Heroes Anyone from the Superhero moves i.e. X-Men, Spider-Man, etc Anyone from One Tree Hill Anyone from Smallville Anyone from Supernatural (Jensen n Jared mostly) and I think that's about it lols. I've given a wide variety haha. I really wanna go but can't unless thee's someone there so PLEASE showmasters magic!!!!!!!!!! Tap my feet together saying there's no place like CM. Ryan
  4. Hahaha yeah lol, she looked weird, I think it was whatever they did around her eyes lols
  5. To be honest I don't care if Hiro gets killed off, Masi is a great actor but Hiro has just gotten annoying, in the latest episode I didn't mind him but overall now he's annoying. just as long as Ando doesn't die because he's SOO cool! Also, heere's some extra information for you about The Fugitives Chapter: http://www.superherohype.com/news/topnews.php?id=7899
  6. I actually thought that this episode was a little boring. I didn't like the 'old' Sylar being back, I liked the good Sylar, I didn't like Elle being killed off. But although I didn't like 'old' Sylar, he was quuite funny but now he's killing NORMAL PEOPLE! He doesn't even need to kill to get powers! Anyways, Hiro didn't annoy me in this one, he was quite funny at the end and I actually liked Claire again in this one and Noah aswell. Peter hasn't been acting that great though throughout this series but they killed off the better actor, Arthur, oh well, not that bad that he's gone.
  7. Thanks for the info! I REALLY hope they do a movie, it'd be GREAT!
  8. I am loving this season of Smallville, let down but I think this one has picked it up. At the moment I have only watched up to Episode 9 but hopefully tonight or tomorrow I will be watching Episode 10. Isn't there new writers or directors or something? Maybe that's why I am enjoying this more. I was a bit iffy when I found out that Lex wasn't the villain in this season but I have to say that I think Tess and Davis are brilliant and I hope they dont wrap up the Davis thing in an episode and try to rush it but I can't wait for the next episodes! And hopefully there will be another season!
  10. NOOOOOOO! I WAS REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO IT! There was LOADS they could've done with it and I thought aswell that because they were taking their time making it tat it was going to be a BRILLIANT game. Me was wrong
  11. Some of these aren't A-List and some may be too A-List: Buffy/Angel: Sarah Michelle Gellar David Boreanaz Alyson Hannigan Eliza Dushku Muchelle Trachtenberg Tom Lenk Danny Strong Armin Shimmerman Marc Blucas Amy Acker J. August Richards Seth Green Clare Kramer Stephanie Romanov Christian Kane Vincent Kartheiser Sarah Thompson Lost: Matthew Fox Evangeline Lilly Josh Holloway Daniel Dae Kim Terry O' Quinn Yunjin Kim Naveen Andrews Emilie De Raven Dominic Monaghan Harold Perrineau Michael Emerson Henry Ian Cusick Elizabeth Mitchell Michelle Rodriguez Sonya Walger Jeremy Davies Ken Leung Rebecca Mader Smallville: Tom Welling Kristin Kreuk Allison Mack Erica Durance Aaron Ashmore John Schneider Annette O' Toole John Glover Sam Jones III Laura Vandervoort Justin Hartley Phil Morris Cassidy Freeman Sam Witwer Alaina Kalanj Alan Ritchson 24: Kiefer Sutherland Mary Lynn Rajskub Carlos Bernard Reiko Aylesworth James Morrison Dennis Haysbert Xander Berkeley Sarah Clarke Elisha Cuthbert Jude Ciccolella Kim Raver D. B. Woodside Roger R. Cross Penny Johnson Glenn Morshower Louis Lombardi Gregory Itzin Carlo Rota Jayne Atkinson Eric Balfour Leslie Hope Supernatural: Jensen Ackles Jared Padelecki Jim Beaver Jeffrey Dean Morgan Katie Cassidy Friends: Jennifer Aniston Courtney Cox-Arquette Lisa Kudrow Matt LeBlanc Matthew Perry David Schwimmer James Michael Tyler Elliot Gould Maggie Wheeler Christina Pickles Paul Rudd Helen Baxendale Heroes: Hayden Panettiere Milo Ventimiglia Masi Oka Greg Grunberg Zachary Quinto Sendhil Ramamurthy Ali Larter Christine Rose Jack Coleman Kristen Bell Dania Ramirez X-Men: Hugh Jackman Halle Berry Famke Janssen James Marsden Patrick Stewart Ian McKellen Anna Paquin Shawn Ashmore Rebecca Romijn Tyler Mane Kelly Hu Brian Cox Ellen Page Daniel Cudmore Aaron Stanford Kelsey Grammer Vinnie Jones Ben Foster Firefly: Nathan Fillion Gina Torres Sean Maher And that's about it! I know there are some AMAZINGLY stupid ones in there that can't happen, but I can wish
  12. Ok, I like Hayden (who doesn't!) and I really wanted to like her song but I don't it's crap, sorry Hayden but you're a good actress stick to acting!
  13. WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  14. Right, thanks for the info sparky! I have a thing about Torchwood: **************POSSIBLE DOCTOR WHO FINALE SPOILER!!!!!!!!!************** I don't know whether anyone else has thought of this but at the end of the Doctor Who finale, I think it set it up so that Martha and Mickey will take the place of Tosh and Owen, because they both went off with Jack, Martha's been sort of part of Torchwood before and Mickey got nothing else to do, he has no-one else. What do anyone else think?
  15. YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is shaping up to be BRILLIANT! There's Michael Rosenbaum, Adam Baldwin and now J. August Richards! WOW SM! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!
  16. My dad said about the 'seen it before it happened' thing! I don't understand the fact that Locke has to 'move the island' What's that all about? I don't like Keamy, simply because he killed the guy that helped Sayid escape and he seems evil, so he'll get shot soon by baby Aaron! I LOVE that Sawyer is still alive and that Jack and Kate end up together later one. I presume from now on that Claire will just be moaping around the cabin all the time, but I hope she gets a good storyline for once, she's never really had a GREAT storyline has she?
  18. At the moment they're saying that Season 8 will be the last!
  19. I had missed about 3 episodes, because I went on holiday and didn't know they changed the day, then I saw the last minut or two of the last episode....... * SPOILER ALERT* OH MY GOD! Tosh and Owen are dead, I don't wanna watch another series!
  20. * SPOILER ALERT* The few episodes before Kara disappeared I think weren't as good, but then it started getting better when they found her and last episode was BRILLIANT, but poor Lana, and Kara was SO stupid to go away with Brainiac without checking he'd reversed the effects on Lana! Oh, by the way next season it won't be the same director/producer or someone like that, but it'll be, I think they said it'll be 4 of the writers or something, I'm not 100% sure who it is!
  21. Great that he's scheduled for C14 but I've got no one to go meet now.
  22. She probably can't be bothered signing properly unless she's meeting someone, she'll have probably had LOADS of cards/photos to sign so she squiggled her name quickly on each one. By the way, she was great to meet!
  23. Everyone I've met is in my siggie, but I'd love to meet: Aly Hannigan Eliza Dushku The 2 Impossibles: Sarah Michelle Gellar & David Boreanaz J. August Richards Nathan Fillion Amy Acker D B Woodside Clare Kramer Harry Groener Armin Shimmerman Gina Torres Stephanie Romanov Christiane Kane Daniel Dae Kim Mercedes McNab Tom Lenk Danny Strong Iyari Limon Vincent Kartheiser I think that's everyone, not 100% sure but I'll add more if I can think of any! Edited: Seth Green Joss Whedon Marc Blucas Mark Metcalfe Elizabeth Anne Allen Sarah Thompson Adam Baldwin Alexa Dovalos
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