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  1. stinkyberm

    May well be my last Convention :grump:

    Might be too old for Morris dancing with chainsaws but what a spectator sport! Would hate to part with any of my collection and was very nervous when it was being shipped across the Atlantic. In the couple of months I have been here I have done a couple of signings and booked into an event, as long as I can afford to I shall keep going, sad I'll miss LFCC I have made so many good friends through this forum and events. Enjoy, life can be short, but fun!!
  2. stinkyberm

    May well be my last Convention :grump:

    Just turned 42 and this is the first LFCC that I will have missed, nothing to do with age but geography! To those going have loadsa fun, you are never too old lol
  3. stinkyberm

    Guest days and prices

    Come on Dufs you know what he's like! Looking forward to this, shame we can only make the one day, but will try to have twice the fun
  4. stinkyberm

    Those of you who met Pete Postlethwaite

    A great guest to meet, and an interesting talk as well. Hubby is a big fan of Sharpe and so was particularly pleased to hear about that!
  5. stinkyberm

    jason mewes talk!

    Very funny guy, well worth attending, but then I do have that kind of humour.
  6. stinkyberm

    how much did this little weekend cost?

    About £500, more than enough. That doesn't include the cost of the gold pass!!
  7. stinkyberm

    The Heroes/David Anders Talk

    1 badge? You did well! Hubby and I (both gold passes) didn't get one between us! However I would have paid good money to see Dufresne model his Mr Muggles T-shirt David did well in the talk, so obviously tired but kept going. Trooper.
  8. stinkyberm

    win a gold pass for c13

    Jeri Ryan Morenna Baccarin Adrian Pasdar
  9. stinkyberm

    What dedications did you get?

    I took 4 items for Nathan to sign, I got "TONI - stay shiny" on both of my 10x8's (and a chat about the "Rocketeer"), on my cast shot I got "TONI - shoot first" and on a sketch (of Nathan and Alan) I got "TONI - Pencil to paper and you're my hero!" 3 items for Alan, on the same sketch I got "Toni Nice to meet you!", on the cast shot I got "Toni, Cheers!" and on my Dodgeball 10x8 I got "Toni, GARRRRR". I got a load of "love" and "Best Wishes" but the other really cool dedication (nobody can beat Nathan's though) was from Elijah Wood on a sketch I had done of him "Toni Beautiful Work!" Not bad really!!
  10. stinkyberm


    Hi, a question on behalf of my husband. Will there be anywhere for the footy fans to watch the match at Earls court? I realise that most people will be there for the actors and not footy, but I don't fancy missing out on the Nathan talk because hubby is trying to find a place to watch the match!! Anyone got any ideas?
  11. stinkyberm


    imagine all of them at one event.
  12. stinkyberm

    SHOW FEES( should be published )

    Look on the MSPG website they have some of the prices just minus £10 (preorder section)
  13. stinkyberm

    Latest Guest Announcement Daragh O Malley

    Sure I would love to see Sean, but I would also like to see Brian Cox there. Love the idea of a Sharpe Reunion.
  14. stinkyberm

    If someone said you could only get

    Alan Tudyk and Ron Glass on my serenity painting. Glynis Barber because I have so much B7 stuff for her to sign.
  15. stinkyberm

    New Emoticons!

    With my forum name (named after my cat) I think this one is great Not very though