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  1. Can't wait for this. I'm guessing we just need to buy LFCC tickets as normal, or will it be a whole separate thing?
  2. I'm glad there are so many Hush, Hush fans here - yay! Psst.. there's a Facebook fan group http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=130504469044
  3. Seriously, Showmasters? Is this a joke? I'm really hoping so... If not, and this is your way of thanking us for "supporting your events", then I'm not impressed. I've bought tickets for all 4 ET events, but there's no way I can get the money together to buy tickets for ET5 if you put them on sale before the second half of 2010. It's completely unfair to everyone who has been to previous events. We only just bought ET4 tickets in mid January, ffs.
  4. I second this (again). I really must have missed something! Charlie answered a question and Jamie said that it was the most pretentious thing he'd ever heard, and Charlie said something about speaking ponce. I think :/ I thought that was all said as a joke.. it was funny!
  5. He's definitely a VERY good looking bloke.
  6. I had a sore throat since Saturday. Facinelli Flu, Tysonitis... what's this one called?
  7. He was nice to me too, he said Hi when he was randomly walking to reception on his own, and he was cool when I got his auto at the signing. I just had a problem with his talks... maybe it was 'cause he's just a very confident guy. I'd like to see him again at another con, as I think he was just having a bad day on Sunday. Tired maybe? Confidence is easy to mistake for arrogance, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. I never got to see him at the parties, because on Friday night he was instantly mobbed, and then I think he disappeared. It's a shame when that happens, and I did see the same group of girls shadowing him all weekend.
  8. PLEASE bring him to another ET event!
  9. It's all about first impressions isn't it? Maybe those of us who didn't spend a lot of time with him didn't see his amazing side. He had the best photoshoot though, that's for sure.
  10. More publishers definitely want to go!
  11. I'll be posting mine on BellaAndEdward.com as always, but that's the only other place along with my blog.
  12. Aww! Did you get an interview with her? I loved her, she was trying to understand my accent, I was like 'the north.. the north.. i'm from newcastle up north' haha Yep, for my book blog My hotel room. She was amazing, and her books are brilliant! You can take mine if you want
  13. All of Jamie's guest talk was my favourite moment! And Charlie's photoshoot
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