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    Important - Online Shop Ordering

    when is the last date to buy party tickets?
  2. Andy_2_cool

    John Barrowman Photo Shoot

    FAQ - You will need 2 tickets.
  3. Andy_2_cool


    Who has a party on Sunday night anyway ?!?! lool
  4. Andy_2_cool


    Dam, we are going home Sunday no party for me
  5. Andy_2_cool

    Party for c13

    yay party:D
  6. Well I've decided to make my unofficial cosplay compo, this one will better of cosplay fans. Groups are allowed, all ages, 50p per person entry, All Money will go to chairty Professional photo and video of your group (thanks to Univertisy media students) Music is fine and lil skits 3 mins long max. Will be held in 2 hotel rooms. with backdrop Winners will recieve : Pride, Cuddles, Bottle of Champagne and goody bag :) I will make a website with all the photos and videos for you Is this better anyone?
  7. Andy_2_cool

    Is there going to be a party?

    Does anyone know ?
  8. Andy_2_cool


    TOM WILSON!!! I have his CD signed :)
  9. Andy_2_cool

    The C13 Star Wars Group

    ENDOR REBEL SOLIDER OBI WAN - EP 1 (costume is on BRAD..my friend:))
  10. Andy_2_cool

    Guest Suggestions

    Ghostbusters Ernie Hudson Harold Ramis Dan Aykroyd Rick Moranis ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALIENS : Michael Biehn Bill Paxton Lance Henriksen --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BTTF Tom Wilson
  11. Andy_2_cool

    Doctor photos

    Wayyy !
  12. Andy_2_cool

    "Unofficial" Party

    some one pick one!!! I've been been to MK at night so I have no idea which will be the best for us.... Im guessing a Non-chav....., all ages..... What's everyones fav out of thes : http://www.mkweb.co.uk/pubs_clubs/home.asp...l+Milton+Keynes
  13. Andy_2_cool

    "HORROR BALL" - What's happening with it?

    I wouldnt mind paying more...up to double for a ticket to an offical CM party event
  14. Andy_2_cool

    "Unofficial" Party

    Due to the fact there is not a venue for the horror party it is not going to happen . This is very disapointing as the party was the reason I booked a room at a hotel >_< ...So I think we should make our own party !! SATURDAY 8pm..in costumes...at a meeting place ? or this a rubbish idea??
  15. Andy_2_cool

    Halloween party costumes...

    I'm going as a ghostbuster ! P.S Lady of The Realm I've been trying to PM you, but won't let me