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  1. Claudia Black please...Crichton needs his Aeryn ;-) Maybe Craig Charles too, as he's the main Red smeggin' Dwarf person I haven't met yet. (Also wouldn't object to meeting Chloë Annett and Marina 'Queen of the Convention' Sirtis again )
  2. Can anyone who's at Collectormania, near Collectormania, or was there this morning but has already left for some reason, answer this, please? I'm planning to go tomorrow, but as I'm not too far from MK, I could probably get there later on today if I suddenly discovered there was someone there I wanted to see but didn't know about owing to their randomly turning up on the day (and/or me not being especially psychic). Sounds silly, but I'm asking this question because I dreamt last night that someone was trying to host a Red Dwarf convention in a house, and the only cast member I definitely recollect seeing in the dream ISN'T a [pre-announced] guest at Collectormania this time round. Also, there were loads of cows wandering around opposite the house, despite it appearing to be in the middle of a suburban-looking estate with only a smallish area of grass...MK Dons' mascots are cows, as a tribute to the concrete cows in Milton Keynes (which are a bit weird, but fairly well-known), so I wonder if this meant anything or was pure coincidence. Sorry this is a bit of a strange message all round.
  3. If I went ahead with this idea, and got enough interested people available at the same time to make it worthwhile, it could be a kind of parody of a convention, and we could call it Better Than Nothing!
  4. Doubt it, but figured I'd put the idea out there anyway...
  5. Full English...? Only if you make it yourself(!!) lol Not so sure you'd need to attempt to stay @ mine now anyway, unless you fancy attending a non-event (which is what Bedford's like a lot of the time anyway!)
  6. Finally a perk to living in Kempston - conventions in Bedford are within walking distance!! Also, having had my work's Christmas party at the Park Inn in December, I can confirm that they've obviously finished overhauling the reception area (don't know about the rest of the building as I didn't go into much of it on that occasion) so it looks a lot less like a building site than it did last June. It may also reassure some of you to know that there aren't quite as many roadworks going on in the Bedford area now as there were over the summer as a lot of it is now finished. As a non-driver I don't pay all that much attention to the roads, though, so I don't know any really specific details(!) ~St*r [aka the other KK - Kempston Kochanski!!]
  7. Couldn't think of a good title for this, but what I'd like to know is, is there a final point before the event when there definitely won't be any more guest announcements, or could a guest be confirmed literally at the last minute and attend the event with no prior mention of them on here? Unfortunately I can't think of a clearer way of wording this at the moment, so I hope it makes sense.
  8. My initials are SM, oddly enough (if you overlook my middle name anyway) **corrected/updated info below** I've discovered from another site that Danny John-Jules may well be at a different event [not a convention] on the weekend of 28th/29th Nov (he's one of the patrons of London Childrens' Film Festival apparently, and that's on from 21st-29th Nov) so I'm assuming he won't be at Collectormania London (or Nodnol if your're feeling sdrawckab, lol) - unless the other event's nearby (well, they're both in the capital...) and he just wanders in randomly!
  9. It's not clear whether that's an 'if they're announced' or a 'when they're announced', though...
  10. Still wondering if there will be any Red Dwarf guests......also can't actually remember who Hinton Battle was in Red Dwarf, but never mind...
  11. He also played [fictional] Prime Minister John Hammond in recent independent film 31 North 62 East, and his character's assistant was played by Marina Sirtis - and the main reason I know is because I was an extra in it.
  12. At LFCC in July, Chloë Annett implied she'd be at some convention in November, and I'm guessing she might have meant this one. Any news on her or any other Red Dwarf stars as guests...?
  13. I'm not that bothered about Peter Firth as a guest, but just thought I'd randomly mention that his ex-wife was a 'mature student' in my year at uni.
  14. A little bit biased as I only really went for the Red Dwarf people, but Chloë Annett [whose birthday's tomorrow by the way - random fact] was my personal favourite - it was the 2nd time I've met her, but she remembered me, let me stay near her table pretty much all afternoon (I was her one-girl entourage, lol - I usually only do that for Marina Sirtis when she's here in the UK though!), and even gave me a chocolate bar and a biscuit. [Clearly I'm easily pleased.] A little less impressed I had to explain the thing I'd made (inspired by the episode 'Backwards') saying "Nodnol Film and Comic Con" though(!) If any of you saw a girl wearing black clothes and a tiara loitering somewhere in the vicinity of Chloë on Saturday afternoon, that was probably me - hello in particular to anyone I talked to. I think it's sort of appropriate that I was around Kochanski (well, nearly) on the anniversary of Jane Austen's death, which for some reason is normally a really bad day for me - OK, I got my arm partially-shut in a Tube door in the evening (it's bruised) but the rest of the day was more like: This is only vaguely relevant (I can explain why if anyone's curious) but it looks nice:
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