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  1. .Kirst

    Anyone excited yet.... ;-)

    I will be once I get there
  2. .Kirst

    Group Q

    There has to be more people on here that are in our group :') Q blatently means queens of the twilight fandom ;D
  3. .Kirst

    Group Q

    LOL at least we wont have to wait long then!
  4. .Kirst

    Group Q

    I'm 155! Also, LOL seems like it xD Out of those on here anyway
  5. .Kirst

    Group Q

    I'm Group Q!
  6. .Kirst

    Latest Guest Announcement - CHASKE SPENCER

    I'd like to get a photo with him this time :3
  7. .Kirst

    music for the parties at ET 4

    Jedward, Cheesy 80s awesome stuff, Glee, (but i agree Journeys Version of DSB please) <3
  8. .Kirst

    Guest Cancellation - Peter Facinelli

    Oh well. Met him before, wanted a photo with him this time but oh well.
  9. .Kirst

    latest Guest Announcement - Julia Jones

    Yay this is cool! :)
  10. .Kirst

    Anyone flying from Dublin?

    Yupp :)
  11. .Kirst

    Any chance of a One Tree Hill con?

    aww if I wasnt fully booked up this summer I would so join you </3 I miss Wilmy
  12. .Kirst

    Latest Guest Announcement - JODELLE FERLAND

    Omg! Loved her in Silent Hill!
  13. .Kirst

    Latest Event Announcement - BECCA FITZPATRICK

    Never even heard of her :| oh well. xD
  14. .Kirst


    Definitely to meet Peter again - he is a really lovely man and I regret not getting a picture with him so i will definitely do this time :)