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  1. I woke up this morning hoping that it wasn't some some fevered acid dream I was having last night. I'm VERY happy to see that it wasn't. What a great guest. I shall, clearly, have to wear my FBI shirt on the Saturday this show (it's normally my Sunday shirt). Awesome!
  2. I'm sure that the info will be released as soon as it is available. Full details of what is included within the ticket price is available above. If anything changes I'm sure that the first post will be updated also.
  3. Gary Kurtz - Living Legend/Producer extraordinaire Colin Skeaping - Luke Stunt Double/Stormtrooper/All Round Stunt God Anthony Waye - 1st Assistant Director on ANH Un-named at present but pictured Imperial Officer /Stormtrooper - ESB - 1st Time Signer Ron Punter - Specialist Painter responsible for C-3PO Chroming & Vader Paint scheme & Costume Wrangler - 1st Time Signer John Morton - Dack Ralter/Boba Fett - 1st UK Signing
  4. Hopefully we'll have some promo photos for the Hobbit released by then too...
  5. Look forward to seeing the pics and hearing the stories.
  6. Bump seeing as the show would have been this last weekend.
  7. Any movement on this yet Yvie? It's been 6 weeks since the show was rescheduled and refunds offered.
  8. I just wondered if the refunds had started to be processed yet. As far I can tell I haven't received mine as at time of posting. Has anyone else had theirs who needed them?
  9. You can find her phone number on most men's public toilet walls in Oldham... Right Lis? Watchin' You! BTW - In case anyone takes offence at this it is a joke. Lisa and I have a long-running joke and I am in no way really suggesting her number is scrawled in gent's toilets...that's mine!
  10. BRILLIANT!!!!! XYZ. I love a bit of Glam Metal... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XYZ_(US_band)
  11. I would imagine £10.00 based on the past history of both his appearances and other Potter guests of this nature. But I'd keep £15.00 back just to be sure. I'm sure SM will update the guests prices thread asap.
  12. Lovely! Although...can we take it from this that Return to Middle Earth is now no more?
  13. AFAIK - The costume under discussion is/has been used for the photoshoots for the covers of the new Big Finish stuff. So...It IS an 'official' Doctor costume (as is Colin Baker's 'Real Time' outfit) just not one that has been seen on acreen.
  14. No. He's a LEGEND!!!! (he says in the hopes of a quick recovery and that no-one will notice his schoolboy error....AHEM) Yeah...um...a LEGEND!!! Like er....Chuck Norris...
  15. Woo-Hoo!!!!!! TPM Guest. The first person to speak in the saga. Lovely!
  16. Guests can appear at the show itself without being announced beforehand. It has happened. So unless Showmasters post something that says - There will definitely, absolutely no more guests - then you can bet that they are working on bringing more guests.
  17. I would however caution against it. There was a SUBSTANTIAL queue to pay on door at the event in July. If I were you (especially if it is for Sunday) I would certainly consider booking your tickets in advance.
  18. Yahweh... For the most part it is very easy to ID the signer...unfortunately, where the signer has more of a squiggle (and you are not familiar with the signer) it is sometimes difficult to see on the fly who has signed it and we didn't want to give any information that wasn't 100% correct. Realistically however it was maybe one or two pieces out of the 50+ lots that you are referring to. Also, we were last minute replacements for the usual auctioneers so you'll have to forgive that we were not 100% up to speed. Finally, one man's trash is another man's treasure and just because you didn't want said autograph doesn't mean to say that the purchaser wasn't delighted with whatever they paid for it. I do hope you'll attend the auction at EMS and you do find something that you want.
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