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  1. My friend has just brought to my attention a showmasters comic con Cardiff being advertised on google and a different website as having an event at the end of July?? Anyone heard anything? https://tradefest.io/en/event/film-and-comic-con-cardiff
  2. I don't think they've done them for years now.
  3. So which ones actually which? I recall entrances on 3 sides to the venue, but cant remember which ones are which! And I recall seeing somewhere that we have to pick up diamond passes BEFORE gaining entry on saturday? Or do you go in first then pick them up? First time ive got a diamond pass.
  4. Is there no thread on here yet with autograph prices on? Not seen one yet and seems the only way to find out is to click on the picture of every person on the main site.
  5. With a £12.65 fee on top at that?! £172.65 total..
  6. I want to know what the birmingham event dates are..booklet says 1-2nd april, but thats a monday and tuesday..however 1st and 2nd June WOULD fit again, as thats a saturday and sunday..need to know for booking time off work..
  7. Damn, went to buy a Tom Baker photo and they are sold out..does have Tardis ones available though..hmm..don't know if its worth the extra tenner though without seeing one first!
  8. Damn I too only just noticed the green screen shoot available..hmm..what to do..
  9. Thats typical..I only ordered something for him to sign this afternoon..and now I have no need for it! That makes cancellation 6 for me!
  10. Is the schedules in the FIRST post here the correct one? Ive got one copy from a couple of days ago, but notice the one in the first post is different, so not sure which one to go with? (First post doesn't say when it was last updated)
  11. Oooo I literally just booked mine tonight as only just got back from London, so wasn't sure if id even be able to make this show..didn't realise they had sold out before now!
  12. The question from page 1 if the colours mean anything didnt get answered? Just curious on that one myself, though I think it may be just so its easier to see different things?
  13. In which case you may pay for an autograph you never actually get..so as a result, ive had to choose not to spend the money on a diamond pass as I can't risk forking out for something I may not be able to get! I couldn't book one earlier as I didnt know until a couple of weeks ago if I could even attend.
  14. So is it worth getting one or not? Its for Ming Na Wen, but as I cant get there until about 10am or even a bit later, by that time there could be quite a few VT's already given out..
  15. I was just about to order my Saturday day ticket, and a Diamond pass for a guest since im only there the one day, I want all the activities included in it anyway, and will be a confirmed way to meet them rather than hoping for a VT number to come up..ive never bought a diamond pass so this is the first time. However on checking out it says in the T&C "Diamond pass activities can take place on any full day of the show and therefore are only valid if accompanied by a weekend entry ticket or a Gold Pass" Does this mean I can't get a diamond pass on a day ticket!? The photoshoot is on saturday anyway which is fine, the talk is on saturday so again fine, but says I can go for the autograph either day. Would saturday be ok, or if they are called up in number, might that mean I couldn't go through until sunday (when im not even there?!) Otherwise im going to have to buy a regular photoshoot, and 'hope for the best' on the autographs!!!
  16. I try and space mine out where I can (as I do all weekend), so far ive got 2 booked for friday and 1 for saturday..if I get more i'll try to split them out evenly (or go for a load on friday as they are usually quietest!) One year I had 8 or 9 the same day, that was 'fun'..my friends even to this day said they hardly saw me that day as I was usually at one of the photo areas waiting for another shoot, which meant I couldn't do much else!
  17. Is Rick still attending, as his photo has gone from the website? Nothing in the cancellation section either though?
  18. Are we all looking at the timetable on the website? As theres no Max Grodenchik on Klingon Bridge in Rom Make-up & Costume Photo Session listed on there that I can see for sunday, but tickets are still on sale?
  19. And first one from up north (Manchester anyway which is where im travelling from that morning) arrives at 10:15-ish, so pretty much same time. I havn't booked shoots yet due to this pretty late arriving time as wanted to make sure I wouldn't miss anything first!
  20. So the timetable has been taken down again?! Was waiting for that before I can book any shoots!
  21. A couple of questions regarding the bridge shoots, specifically with the guests.. Ive seen 'standard' bridge shoot shots with peoples friends, but ive not seen any of the TNG bridge and guest, and ive not seen any at all that I can recall of the Klingon bridge.. So, easy one to start with is has the Klingon bridge been used before, what does it look like in shots etc? Second question is, how close to the actors are you? In a 'normal' shoot you are usually stood next to the actor quite close in the shot. But with the bridge, where do the actors generally stand or sit, and are you close or miles away? I have seen shots of the classic bridge shoots, where usually the actor (such as Bill Shatner) are in the captains chair and you are stood next to him/them which look good. The spacing of chairs and such, and sheer size of it though on the TNG bridge worry me a little, as are you going to be stood far from the guests or what? Ive not seen the Klingon bridge set as mentioned already, but I presume that will be similar to the Classic bridge with a single central chair? Im curious in maybe getting a couple of bridge shoots, but want to see what they are like first, or just go for 'normal' photos instead.
  22. Only one for me now, Wil Wheaton! Ive met everyone else multiple times and one other in particular I needed a signature from on a cast shot cancelled (Linda Park!).. After missing out on tickets for another event, ive just had to book my entry today for this, so watch him now go and cancel! When the photo schedual is up, I may pad the day out with a few costume shoots though depending on times (im not arriving until 11am sunday!)
  23. Id imagine it will be a few days at least yet, given the show only finished a couple of days ago so they probably didnt have time yet.
  24. They got up to 280 at one point..I had VQ 280, but she had gone off for photo/lunch/whatever, so was told come back later..fair enough.. I came back a good hour or two later (quite some time anyway) and it was on 260..err ok, Was told my number wasnt up, come back in 20 mins..so I went to meet Tobin Bell, and was in his queue for almost an hour (various reasons I believe why he was so slow) but anyway went back after another hour/hour and a half..and VQ was on 140?!!! They did let me through when I said id been waiting a few hours by then, only to keep getting sent away, as she didnt have much of a line, but was told a new crewmember had been putting the numbers up too fast..
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