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  1. Haven't usually had a set amount of photos. Its not said whether he's day or weekend yet.
  2. Murray Gold Ben Foster (sa9w him play live while the Christmas ep aired amazing) Neil Gaiman (best ep ever!!) Sophie Myles (she's said on Twitter she wants to do a Who con) Neve McIntosh (every Silurian on screen) Gary Russell Tony Lee Phil Ford Steven Moffat Tony Head Joseph Lidster (he writes the audio books and other big finish stuff, mostly classic Who but FUN!!) James Moran Tracey Ann Oberman Alex Kingston Chris Chibnall
  3. That happened to me as well. The person kept on chatting to David while he was signing my stuff but I couldn't even get a word out... thankfully my mum managed a very brief chat to him but my only criticism is that perhaps next time in situations like this, things are passed to David once the other person has left, though I understand that might not be able to happen all the time... It was a shame that I was unable to just say something to him because of other people hanging around... Always own that moment, as soon as the attendee in front has gone that's your moment with him don't watch what he's signing just watch his eyes and tell him what you want to say otherwise you will miss out. I talked to Mark Sheppard at lfcc was meant to be short and sweet but it ended up being a long conversion and I was aware he was signing other people's stuff but it also felt rude to leave in the middle of a discussion but I've now got happy memories of Mark forever.
  4. Re gloves: two by two hands of blue. Two by two hands of blue.
  5. Maybe put the bit about how he's influenced you into a letter and get another auto?? But i've learnt from previous experience what not talking to the guests can do so i always prepare by having a conversation topic for each guest, with David I told him I saw him at much ado and would he perform at the globe which he said no cos it's nicer to act inside without having to shout or brave the elements. As for my photo it's the first time I took props and credit to David that was a funny face he pulled but I usually have back to back or hugs and am not afraid to ask (except Caitlin it's too weird having a hug from a ten year old). You always have to view these conventions as a once in a life time event. I met elsabeth sladen last year and she was sat with tom baker and I was too over awed to say anything but how pretty she was and was she having a good time, this wont ever happen again but if it did that would be a bonus.
  6. Fish fingers and custard from Caitlin Blackwood.
  7. He didn't do it in costume in the end just his regular clothes.
  8. My only gripe was the lateness of McGann's photos people were getting restless with it being so.close to closing time.
  9. 1. Always know what the guest you.are meeting is up to. He/she could have a photo shoot or like David two! 2. Always allow to be there till the end of the day. Go with either of these two you are on the right track, I mean if you know where he'll be you can plot your times around him knowing when he'll be at the desk and when he'll be elsewhere. If you wait till the very end you'll not go wrong.
  10. there was a dwonline store selling it for £30
  11. New wave doctor (stetson and straight jacket) bargain at £15, some serenity/firefly.postcards and a sticker.for.my phone plus 5 vintage star wars figures for a tenner and four photos.
  12. You must have been just after me as I joked with him how may he'd signed and how quick too.
  13. It took.me.an hour to locate the big guest area!! All in all I met some.nice dealers caitlin and Arthur were wonderful but Arthur's crew.need to take a chill pill.
  14. I've met him loads of times so know he's lovely but at the end of the day with no queue (i specially waited till it was open and empty first) when I asked.for a photo and the woman with him was quick to jump and say no as he was leaning towards yes, now when I went up a girl turned up at the same.time she too wanted a.photo but would't pay for an auto now thats understandable to say no like.that but.i am a paying guest and all I was faulted on was timing.
  15. The one with nathen lane and lee evans Haven't seen any posters advertising lee Evans as being on stage in the west end so don't know, unless its change cast recently he wasn't in it.
  16. i remember waiting in line for Brad Dourif at LFCC a couple of years ago, the person in front of me was getting 14 signatures, from Brad Could be the 10th planet guy doing the pre-orders, if ticketed.
  17. Am in London already, have just emptied forbidden planet of comics and seen mousetrap for the very first time!! Excellent show everyone should see it.
  18. You know with all these complaints about what john is wearing, maybe he should do it in the buff that way he has nothing you can complain about.
  19. Auction at the hub, we didn't see before hand what was being auctioned. At lfcc there was a food area, I did say this might be down stairs as top gear had somewhere to eat upstairs as well. As for interviews I would presume that agent/management must be asked too otherwise they could say no at the con to it. Oh and I thought you could queue with mates till there number was called or they got into the zigzag bit did that a few times. As for DT i would have thought like Karen he could be done by the end of the day and open queue, it really is a case of get there very early. Yeah I was typing at the same time cos when I looked only the post about whether £50 was enough was the last post.
  20. Both queues are clearly labelled but do ask other people there. As for dt, you will get an auto but it does mean waiting all day. You can bring anything you own to be signed or there's the dealers for items and a table where you pay that has a few photos you can pick from. Get vt's cos once your number is called you can go at any time and just concentrate on getting photos, I'd say tell crew you have a clash and they'll get you through as quickly as possible but go to the less popular one first.
  21. 1. Yes, but only to a certain point and make sure crew know you have no ticket. 2. Think there's something like 100. 3. Probably not, this isn't like Christies. 4. Yup, there is a bar/cafe area but it's always full so find a quiet corner and sit on the floor instead. 5. Yup, but think it's on the ground floor. 6. As it's a auction prices will vary wildly from con to con. 7. Someone takes your bag and coat as you queue to get into a shoot they will be the second to last people you see before the guest. 8. That's something you need to deal with with the actors agent like all interviewers. 9. Yes, they will need to walk around to get from green room to signing area, signing area to photoshoot and back (or to talk). 10. No. 11. Stuart. 12. Sit where your told unless it's a free for all I.e. Free talks have no seating arrangement.
  22. That could be floor below because in know there's a space set aside for bags and how much it is.
  23. Said cretin could have been photographing Peter davidson who was allowing posed photos. P.s Alex was allowing photos at the table (not posed ones) in the very first session of the day.
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