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    Start treating the people who attend the event with the proper amount of respect and dignity. Until Showmasters start doing that, all the other issues pale in to insignificance. I don't think they realise the effect which the cattle market and rude/thuggish crew are having on people. To have a guest like Shatner, trumpet it from the rooftops that you've got him, and then treat many of the people who came to see him to physical threats and verbal abuse beggars belief.
  2. I think the fact that the "Petition to have JCBitch banned from future events" thread has been locked just about says it all.
  3. A very very sad day for everyone. If a god created comedy, Ronnie Barker was that god. RIP Ronnie. You'll never stop making us laugh.
  4. Getting non fan friendly guests, whether they be Shatner or anyone else is pointless, even when people ask for them. They may make some money for SM, but the public relations disaster which usually accompanies them far outweighs any financial gain. Loads of people asked for Shatner, now look at the fallout. There are lessons to be learnt from this. But I doubt anyone will take heed.
  5. ER... hang on, lets be fair here. You can't blame SM for the less than friendly antics of one guest. What about all the guests who were very friendly, animated (and tactile, in the case of Erin Gray - woo hoo! ). Don't blame SM just because one guest dissappointed you. Blame the Shatner, or JCB. 875253[/snapback] Fair enough, but you can't deny the cattle queue routine and associated thuggery of crew or guest handlers is now happening repeatedly at Showmasters events. As I understand it, Jolene Blalock was treated pretty shabbily by SM crew at C7, while no one at SM could be bothered to tell Kate Mulgrew to slow down a bit and say hello to people at LFCC3, unless of course she was told to sign like an express train and not acknowledge her fans. Showmasters are well aware of fan opinion on all this. It's just that many people have noticed SM seem to be doing nothing about it. If you like this sort of thing then fine, but it seems that it's becoming less and less most event goers' cup of tea. After Shatner was announced for C8, it was interesting to see, particularly on Shatner's own forum, the views of people who posted that they desperately wanted to see him but that they wern't prepared to go to a SM event out of princple due to bad experiences which they or their friends had suffered at previous SM events.
  6. Of course it's not right. But at the end of the day you pay your money and make your choice. If you know you're going to be treated like that, you don't have to go and fork out money, but if you choose to go you've not a lot to complain about really. The only way things could poosibly ever improve is if the punters stop turning up. And that's already starting to happen. Many people are fed up with what Showmasters events have turned in to and they're staying away.
  7. Right.. so what IS this evidence.....? What possible impact could Shatner being at C8 have on any other event? If you like these otehr events so much, why not go away and hang out in their forums. If Shatner signed 5000 auto's (not that improbable) at £25 a go, that's £125,000.... NOW tell me they made no money on him.... 874787[/snapback] As you seem so sure you know what Shatner was paid and how much was raised from autograph sales, why don't you enlighten us all? Oh, I forgot. You can't.
  8. THis is what I dont understand about JCB.. I met her a few years ago as a guest (role in Trek, etc) in Vegas. She was charming, happily posed for a photo and was all you could have asked for.. What on earth has happened to her now she is an agent?????? 874154[/snapback] Clearly the Dollar signs and her underlying ego have taken over. There's no point getting guests when their agents are going to behave in this manner. But it's reasonable to assume SM must've agreed for and known that the "Shatner experience" would be like this. Clearly the expected allure of having Shatner at the event has not translated in to high attendence figures for the event, with word of mouth from Friday seemingly having a very negative impact on Saturday visitor numbers.
  9. I thought it stood for Just Complete Bitch. Anyways, is this the start of a competition? And is there a prize?
  10. Even though I knew all this criticism would happen in some form, I'm pleasantly surprised that it didn't seem due to Shatner himself. I don't think anyone who's come across the obnoxious and vile Brown woman before expected her to either be there at all and definately not to be Shatner's agent. I chose not see Shatner at this event because I knew what I'd get, whether it be due to him or someone else. Interesting to note that although SM are paying Shatner and not the JCB, no crew seem to have so far told the bitch to take a running jump. I'm sure Shatner would love to be able to say a few words to people if he so wishes without her slagging him and them off.
  11. Maybe do a number on her and then use a JCB for digging the hole.
  12. And where is your source for this statement? I think you'll find that almost everyone that got a gold ticket at LFCC3 liked them. They may have had problems with the show as a whole but they liked the gold tickets. http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index....showtopic=20712 857161[/snapback] My source for this statement? Well, surely you must be aware of the gold ticket cheerleader Dufresne's comments on another board regarding his views on how he felt he'd thrown his money away, how he'd never buy a gold ticket again, and how poor LFCC3 was that he wouldn't even had gone to the event (despite already having bought a gold ticket) had he not already been in London that weekend. And that was all before Kilmer failed to show up! All this while posting on here how happy he was with his gold ticket, and how wonderful he thought the guest lineup was.
  13. After LFCC3, I didn't think there was anything that would make anyone be daft enough to fall for the same trick twice. Doesn't that make the point of this thread moot? Anyone who bought a gold ticket last time isn't likely to go near them ever again, and all the people who didn't buy them last time won't buy them now for all the same reasons.
  14. Very sad, shocking news, but not totally unexpected really. When I met him in February, he looked frail and much older than his 65 years. 65 really is no age to go. Rest in peace, Michael. We'll miss you greatly.
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