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  1. Calling is not a problem....as long as I use my prepaid cellphone ^^; The question is, when is the best time? I have to work till 6 pm (german local time). I hope someone will be still at the office.
  2. I´ve sent two emails and got no answer Thats why I posted here in the forum
  3. I´m from Phelpsaholics and would like to know is there a chance to get an interview with them or at least a little bit time to ask a few questions? 2. Making pictures is not that easy when they are sitting in a tent. Is it possible to get access to that? Thank you and I hope to get an answer soon best regards BBLuv
  4. Worth every pound! Oh yes please!! I wanted to see James and Oliver Phelps, but they are attend an other con at the same time
  5. Ich wusste gar net das es auch einen deutschen Thread gibt XD Wie jedes Jahr werden meine Freundin und ich auf die Collectormania MK gehen
  6. James & Oliver Phelps Robert Pattinson Mark Hamill Harrison Ford
  7. James & Oliver Phelps, Robert Pattinson and Supernatural cast
  8. Thats really mean, because we are 7 girls from Germany just to see them and now four days before the C12, they aren´t able to come anymore? It is too late for us to cancel our flight and hotel...
  9. Thats totally great. I booked my flight and room two weeks ago
  10. Yeah, I would love to meet them again. Bring them back to C12 please
  11. If you have any pics of James & Oliver, please post it here. We want to post them in our gallery We give everyone of us credit of course
  12. Is there a cloak room and/or a heater in the hall?
  13. Yes I´m Chrissy Elena how are you? When will you be at the gmex?
  14. @ Peppi, ich geb dir gleich Streifenbärchen! Du bist mein großes Streifenbärchen Back to topic at the moment we are four fans from germany and maybe someone from my forum
  15. Yes, my friends and myself are going to meet them again and we are planning a fan meeting. More information here
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