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  1. Here you go folks, the usual guest suggestions thread. Who would you like to see at Collectormania 23? My wish list is: Roxann Dawson J August Richards Leonard Roberts Wil Wheaton John Billingsley Mark Addy
  2. You can upgrade to an early bird entry on the day. You will need to join the pay on the day queue and then pay the difference at the entry tickets sales desk which should be just inside.
  3. Maybe a green screen background, like they do on some of the prop shoots at LFCC and Collectormania, could be an option. Obviously wouldn't be the same as a NASA backdrop but with the right image it could work.
  4. I's £5 and you pay at the Iron Throne photo shoot area.
  5. All of the Showmasters staff will be at the venue now getting set up and ready for tomorrow. Yes, take your email confirmation to the event and the crew there will be able to get you sorted out.
  6. Yes, both can be purchased on Saturday. If you want Sunday entry tickets, you get them at the front door ticket sales desk. If you want photo shoot tickets, you get them at the sales desk inside the main hall.
  7. When you've placed your order, you need to send an email to preorders@btconnect.com and they will tell you address to send the items in to as per the pre-order shop website. http://www.showmasterssales.com/homepage/cat_902017-Belfast-Film-And-Comic-Con.html
  8. The tickets will be sent out in plenty of time to reach you before the event. However, if for any reason they don't turn up, take a copy of your order confirmation to the event and the crew there will help you get sorted.
  9. That is correct. If there's more than one person in the photo you will get more than one photo taken though. For example, if there are two people you will get two photos taken so you can have different poses if you want to. You then get one copy of each picture which you collect as you leave the photo shoot area.
  10. You need to send an email to info@showmastersonline.com and mark it FAO Too Tall. Explain in the email what your situation is and he will be able to advise you.
  11. Yes you can, subject to availability. For Saturday in particular, it's strongly recommended that you buy in advance.
  12. Assuming the Early Bird queue has cleared by that time, which it almost certainly will have done, then yes you can.
  13. The email address changed recently. It is now shop@showmastersevents.com.
  14. You will get email confirmation of your order. Take that to the event along with your ID.
  15. I think the venue is pretty good for accessibility. It is possible that the event may be on two levels but there is a lift that you can use to get to the upper level. There can be a lot of queuing, particularly for autographs and photo shoots. If this is likely to cause problems, I'd recommend sending an email to info@showmastersonline.com and mark it for the attention of Too Tall. If you explain the situation, he will be able to advise you on what can be done to make things easier for you at the event.
  16. Hotel booking details, including the code are on the Autographica website http://www.autographica.co.uk/venue.html
  17. That is for the summer LFCC. It looks like the shop for Winter LFCC isn't open yet.
  18. I like this. One thing I would add is to wear comfy shoes. Convention goers generally spend a lot of time on their feet.
  19. All tickets are sent out in time to reach people before the event. However, if for any reason they don't turn up, take your order confirmation with you to the event and the crew there will get you sorted.
  20. EDITED: apparently you can't take your own food and drink into the venue (see post further down from SheffArena)
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