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  2. Bringing a weapon (Bat'leth) to be signed?

    Hi i will also be bringing a batleth to be signed, i have a heroes sword i got signed a while ago and that was with a normal sharpie and the signiature is still the same as it was when it was signed. I think a normal black sharpie would be fine. The best thing to do is to keep it in it's box, and let a crew member know that you have it and they will be able to help.
  3. we are looking for a group of people to help with stage dressing

    I can use a hammer and paint brush, if that helps....
  4. Halloween Ball - Saturday Night

    need your help, shall i go as dracula/vampire or a zombie.
  5. Red Dwarf Scalextric

    A giant scaletrix set!!! and because we thought it would be fun we are going to bring it along to Better Than Life!! Each car will represent a character from the show.... Lister V's Rimmer!! Who will be the first to cross the finish line?? So get exercising those fingers and come join in the fun!
  6. Eclipse 2

    All night long. . Well for me it will, have the monday off work...
  7. Party Costumes

    Is it the green one? I very nearly bought an outfit called "Lady Luck". If it is, it looks awesome. Yeh it is i think lol, roulette wheel with dice lol I have the high roller version for men with roulette wheel and dice, i have'nt got the legs to wear lady luck.. Have my costume for friday night sorted almost, still working on sundays costume.
  8. Last Post Wins?

    I WIN
  9. Counting Backwards

  10. Pictures with the Stars of Trek


    Hi everyone just wondered what you will all be be wearing to the party, i am unsure of what to wear i have a few options between dressing as hellboy, the devil or a zombie. What do you lot think would be best??
  12. First person to post number

  13. Counting Backwards

  14. The Number Game

  15. Another Number Game