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  1. Very unlikely as the news of 6 commissioned scripts has only just been released via "the other" event. This doesn't mean 6 new Episodes. Also it's a Series, Red Dwarf has always been a Series, not a Season, it's always distanced itself from the American term. Not sure what your source is, Mine is someone in the cast. Ignore him (Clapper, not your source). Having read his other posts, I think he's just trying to annoy us all like he did on the forum for this year's BTL. Well Robert Tweeting wrong information really isn't a source is it? No new Episodes, only 6 scripts, no matter what your insider tells you. If you prefer to ignore the truth that's fine by me. I'm not trying anything.
  2. I saw one go for about £50 I think it was. I've not found it for sale online anywhere, it's still listed on Play.com but you can't actually buy it there They are no longer available. T3 Distribution who made them are no longer in production of the Flibble, and they don't intend to produce them in the future.
  3. Charles Augins is very unlikely as he's GNP management now. David Ross, good luck! Expensive. Tony Hawks, won't come if you keep spelling his name incorrectly. Claire Grogan, with Chloé? Rob Grant, doing stand-up Doug Naylor, Not in this country.
  4. Problem is how many Red Dwarf dealers are there? I can tell you, one. I'm not suggesting dealers who stock related items I'm saying specific. Plus Red Dwarf related merchandise is very limited.
  5. Still expensive segregation and still at Bedford. Spot-on.
  6. Surely the Fan Club president would buy it?
  7. Very unlikely as the news of 6 commissioned scripts has only just been released via "the other" event. This doesn't mean 6 new Episodes. Also it's a Series, Red Dwarf has always been a Series, not a Season, it's always distanced itself from the American term.
  8. And having the first chance of discussing the new episodes, or according the advertisement, even though nothing has been confirmed and it's just conjecture that they will happen, and it's only the scripts that have been commissioned, slightly miss leading there folks.
  9. I thought I was being unbiased? I have already said I have been to many SM events, ok maybe I should have showered you with gifts? I have put my point forward now, I won't continue further with the discussion. It is the fans choice I respect that, I just want to point out it's not all one sided. I have no idea if a double event would work. Were the club contacted in any way before this event as a matter of fact? It seems a bit late to offer the olive branch now. Lizzy, surely you can reply without resorting to insults.
  10. A campaign which you're also no doubt waging at theatres, sports stadia, concert venues, train companies, airlines, schools etc. Sorry, the egalitarian utopia model is also flawed and arguably less efficient. Which is why so many businesses don't use it. I presume that's based purely on your very linear thinking rather than any proof or statement to corroborate it? Ever heard of a loss leader, or somebody doing something because they want to despite it costing them money? It's ok if no one agrees with me, I'm not here to prove anything, nor do I want to be proved right. My discussion is that a fan based event which has been run for 15 years, a lot of hard work unpaid, but has gathered the respect of the fans and Grant/ Naylor productions who help but don't subsidise conventions, who act entirely for the fans of the show, now have this jeopardised by a company run event looking to make money. Now if both parties were company based, in a logical business world the competition would be expected, but not in this case. This is my entire point nothing else. But it seems I have to spell it out for anyone to understand! If you feel that in this case this is fair and just, then my words are lost on to a totalitarian view. And going back to my previous overlooked comment. Is the fan base big enough to cope with such competition? It seems that you are quite happy for any event to take place, at the loss of an official event. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, or that I'm not to be outspoken on this forum, but I'm not a sheep that will follow just for the sake of the collective.
  11. So you're saying leave it to the people whose organisation is rubbish (Duke said ME were 'a million times better' and you agreed)? Hmm.. no thanks. You do realise that Showmasters/Massive Events HAVE been running events for years? In fact, if I remember correctly, they've been around for longer than the Official Red Dwarf Fan Club! Charging more for different levels of ticket is pretty much industry stanard these days. Yes, it means that 'humble student fans' don't get as much included as less 'humble student fans', but it means that more money can be spent on guests (and organisation). Read his post again. I've been on here long time. And if it makes any difference been to at least 10 Showmaster events, but Massive events is a sister company dealing in unofficial events along side official fan run events to make a profit. And indirectly affecting the lively hood of such fan run events in the future. Yeah Dr. Who, Star Trek and so on has a massive fan base, it can take multiple events without have any detriment to the other. But can Red Dwarf? Just because I don't have a million posts achieved by posting silly waving smiles, my opinion isn't worthy? My only point is that they have run company autograph events, queue and sign. This event is different, otherwise why have a DJ? It's mimicking something already done. if your going to do it, do it differently. I'm sure the organisers want to hear congratulation posts, who wouldn't? But I'm sure they also want to hear constructive comments, wrong or right. See above. There is nothing wrong with a business, or making a profit. I wouldn't be in a job otherwise, that is not my overall perspective.
  12. Not really. I just give my opinion, and a different side to the story. Irrespective of the "other" event.
  13. SM/ME HAVE been organising this type of event for years and they're very good at it. If they weren't, people wouldn't keep going. I was talking about a specific Red Dwarf convention. NOT a company run event.
  14. Totally agree, leave it up to the people who have been doing it for years. Bedford is pants, terrible to get to. Been there before it hasn't changed. Segregating by means of profit for the organisation isn't very nice for the humble student fan. One price for all. You pay more and you get a better experience? That shouldn't be the case, everyone should have the same chance as the rest. There must have been a profit, otherwise an event announcement so soon wouldn't have happened. Make better use of the money next time, or donate it to charity and save yourself the bother.
  15. He last did that dance 16 years ago, I wonder if could remember that far back!
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