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  1. Last show was fantastic for military guests, how about more for Autographica 14 ? More Bomber/Fighter pilots would be fine but would also love to see some Royal Navy representation too. Joe Ekins was a great guest, again more of the same. How about the Gurkha VC winners ? Author Henry Metelmann who couldn`t make this show due to illness, hope to see him at the next one.
  2. Thanks for letting us know. Get well soon Henry, hope to see you at the next show. best wishes.
  3. Just wondered what had happened to the above guest ? Was looking forward to meeting him, his books are superb. Thanks for the superb WW2 veterans guys, really looking forward to meeting them all. See you on Saturday !
  4. Must agree with this post, while I appreciate you need variety at shows, personally I was hoping for more military veterans which I was told there would be after the last show. If anyone has the details of a previously mentioned WW2 veterans gallery signing please either put below or get in touch. That said, hope the show goes well but I doubt I`ll be there this time.
  5. I went to my first Autographica in Birmingham this year purely to meet the WW2 veterans, it was a great show with excellent guests and I am looking forward to the next one this October. Its brilliant to be surrounded by Bond girls but I was hoping for some more WW2 or other military guests, Falklands veterans perhaps, I know of at least 4 who have published books on their experiences but any from any wartime theatre would be fantastic. I know VC winners have been suggested and that is a another good call. Hope to see some military guests appearing soon, greetings to all forum users, my first post !
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