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  1. Why not? As Theodan said he's already seem them at other UK cons as have I. I saw them too, sitting there twiddling their thumbs and staring in to space for hours while vainly hoping that at least one solitary person at the event might have given a toss that they were there. I felt very sorry for the pair of them. Not that it was a surprise no one saw them. You have to wonder what the organisers up there are smoking when they come up with some of their guest ideas.
  2. This year at LF&C after 10 minutes of being through the door it smacked off give us your money and get out of the way so we can get the next's persons wallet open. If you talk to people who attend other events in the UK, and who don't and won't go to Showmasters events out of principle, you'll find the above to be one of the most popular reasons why they don't go. I've seen this about Showmasters before on other forums, but it was phrased as "give us your money and f*** off". It's pretty accurate.
  3. Superior to people queuing?? I bought a pass because it guarantees you will see the guests and not miss out, when Dreyfuss, Fisher and Wood were there I felt the need. I didnt give anyone else who might be queuing a second thought, definately not superior to them. It was my first Gold Pass too so I learnt a lot about them having now had one. Maybe we havnt got a superiority complex, maybe the simple fact that you brought that up means you have an inferiority one though My Gold Pass was actually not too bad due to an error by Showmasters, not going to say what it was but lets just say I was twice as happy than I would have been normally. (Aspen wink wink) You mean they screwed up debiting your credit card and you got the gold **** for free?
  4. So that's Holly and Ebony. When's Desperation going to be announced?
  5. Just seen the news on the CNN site. Very shocked and saddened.
  6. Indeed. Someone clearly needs it in spades.
  7. Sorry, got mixed up with LFCC2 and LFCC3! Was a long time ago now. Besides it wouldn't be unlike Dufresne to say how wonderful LFCC3 was.
  8. Rutger Hauer The Poseidon Adventure (TV) Peter Weller
  9. When did either of these two appear at an SM event? Kassir cancelled last time, but has he ever shown up?
  10. Robert Vaughn has previously attended Autographica. Anyways. . . Stella Stevens The Dukes of Hazzard Reunion Catherine Bach
  11. William Shatner Columbo Robert Vaughn . . .he says desperately trying to get away from Star Trek while leading everyone back to Dwight again.
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