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  1. Well I'm not going to get my hopes up this time so then I can be happy if it someone I want to see.
  2. On the costume shoot. Does he wear the helmet or is he like the photo in the first post without it?
  3. They should come on and say sorry for delay or sorry we can't announce it today for certain reason. Just leave everyone hanging is poor form.
  4. Be interesting how the Diamond fully works out like if their are two big guest will a Diamond pass cover both or do you get two separate passes if you want to meet both guest. Also the cost will be interesting to see. Also meet and greet how long is that for. 5 mins 10mins? Good news on the presales tickets we always get them anyway so that don't make any difference to us.
  5. Don't know why you want to buy twinkies. It ain't cream in the middle. Its lard mix with loads of sugar. Urgh!
  6. I not sure about the special ticket packet. What if superstar A is announced early on and you buy a super ticket which cover entry, autograph and photo. Then 2 months later superstar B is announced and you want to see them as well. Do you have to buy a super ticket for this person as well which would include entry again so you might be paying entry twice. How do showmasters get around that as guest get announced at different times?
  7. I know people are saying the fire doors were chained. Have any pictures been posted of this? Just asking as I've seen on facebook people saying the police turned up sunday to tell showmasters to turn the air con lol. Just wonder if it was another rumour as I seen a few stupid ones posted over the weekend..
  8. Jason was great and it was great to meet him again. Hope he can comeback again in future.
  9. That does sound s*** hardly a trailerfest.
  10. Not everyone who takes a VQ tickets decides to get a autograph in the end. We've done it in the past. Sometimes we not too sure if to get a guest auto so we grab a vq tickets and have a think about it and decide while walking around looking at stuff. I've also given my vq ticket to people in the past if I've decide not to get a auto if I see someone near the signing with a higher number.
  11. Agree about the cap on vt tickets. Each guest is different and some chat more than offers. Showmasters could cap someone and that guest could of done all them number by midday then what happens? Yeah reopen the queue but some of those people who wanted that auto but didn't get the Vt ticket and therefore might have left thinking they could not get the auto might gone home and miss out. Instead if you got a number you can judge by yourself during the day that if you hang on for a hour or two you will get to meet that guest.
  12. Agree about buying tickets before hand online. The queue for the sales desk is always crazy.
  13. I forgot al about the programmes. Were they on sale saturday morning as I didn't see any but then I wasn't really looking out for it.
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