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    Election Poll

    Bloody Lib Dems... In 2001 my area voted Labour by a small margin over the Conservatives. Now I'm not particularly thrilled with the way Labour have run the country but I'd rather see them hold the seat than the Tories take it. But I just knew that the Tories would take it with people voting Lib Dem instead of Labour. Lo and behold that's exactly what happened Wish people would think before voting Lib Dem in protest to Labour - after all they obviously don't want a Tory MP representing us or they would have just voted Tory! Frustrating!
  2. yeah_baby

    Best Bond Villain

    Blofeld's the absolute classic villain - got to vote for him
  3. yeah_baby

    Rate the movie above

    5/10 Back to the Future
  4. yeah_baby

    Alphabet Movie Soup

    Carlito's Way
  5. yeah_baby

    Movie Buffs Title Game

    On Her Majesty's Secret Service
  6. yeah_baby

    Word Association

  7. yeah_baby

    Song Titles Game

    Day Tripper - The Beatles
  8. yeah_baby

    Movie Buffs Title Game

  9. yeah_baby

    Alphabet Movie Soup

    As Good As It Gets
  10. yeah_baby

    James Marsters VQ Tickets

    Yeah, fair point. And fair play with the commitment - 12hrs driving's not exactly fun. It's just disappointing when you've been looking forward to this for weeks, then still get there an hour early and miss out. People have a right to be disappointed and where better than a forum like this to vent their frustration? 997 by the way. Disappointed but at least I got to meet Alexis and ASH
  11. yeah_baby

    Christopher Eccleston

    I think Christopher Eccleston should have made his feelings known to the BBC before signing up for the show... he must have had some idea what it would entail. He didn't want to renew the role to avoid being typecast, but I think it would do more for his image not to walk out after only a year. Everyone who plays the doctor will end up typecast to some degree! And to try to avoid Dr Who fans forever seems strange - surely he knew there was a huge fan culture? Anyone else agree? Mind you, at least we have a new series, and he is a good doctor so I have no complaints acting-wise. I'm not a new-Who hater!
  12. In Lizzy's defence, I think her question was: "why? are those 2 busy?" rather than: "why are those two busy?"
  13. yeah_baby

    I'm my own grandad...

    A guy I know actually is his own half-niece. Not really of course - but that really would be a headache
  14. yeah_baby

    Song Titles Game

    X Gonna Give It To Ya - DMX
  15. yeah_baby

    Six degrees

    SEAN ASTIN Lord of the Rings ELIJAH WOOD Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind KIRSTEN DUNST Spider-Man 2 VANESSA FERLITO How about Peter Cushing to Cameron Diaz?