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  1. The free buses are beyond ridiculous. Had so much bad experience with them last year but thought as it was the first time I'd used them I'd give them another chance. Total waste of time. They are always late or just don't turn up, just glad I don't pre-book photo shoots as missing them due to the free bus would have been a complete waste of money. I know they are free to Collectormania customers but surely Showmasters are paying for this service? And if they are they should be on time as they should have worked the bus timetable out to accommodate driver breaks etc. As it takes no more than 20 minutes to get from the station to the stadium I don't understand why it's so unreliable.
  2. Jeff Kober - TWD poster (11th auto), Buffy season 7 video box (20+ auto) Tony Todd - 8x10 photo possibly Joseph Gatt - IDW Star Trek comic
  3. *Bamber. Met him before he's a great guest. Can we get his wife too? I so want to meet Kerry.
  4. Well I'm looking here: http://www.collectormania.com/miltonkeynes/ and it's all up to date... (I'm using Chrome)
  5. As a very dark brunette I've had my photo taken against the blue back drop, dark red as well as white and can honestly say for me the blue is the best. My white photos are all a bit shadowy and bland and look awful and while the red was my favourite it's just too dark to work well. The light blue gives the best outcome personally.
  6. This is always one subject that makes me so mad as a genuine fan that never sells stuff. My thoughts are here: http://unconventionalblog.co.uk/no-personalisations-youre-not-a-real-fan/
  7. This is a weird question because some people don't consider certain people as famous as others based on their own fandoms. Probably Charlize Theron, Ridley Scott or Michael Fassbender for me.
  8. Isn't this basically a guest suggestions thing though?
  9. 200 Gold Passes have been made available but only Comic Gold holders get access included in the ticket. Standard Gold Passes will have to buy a separate ticket.
  10. Joe Corroney Kurtis Wiebe Roc Upchurch Joe Harris
  11. Expected her to charge more tbh! (she probably will now haha) Hope her and Hammil get announced for one of the events! Yes she would probably be at least double that now as Shatner has also pretty much doubled in price. And she'll be in demand for the new film so could technically charge the same as Hamill. Good luck with that. Glad I got her auto on a whim now. Also I wish people would just stop even mentioning Ford as a realistic name. It's never going to happen here in the UK. No-one could afford him, his price is ridiculous when he does private signings let alone anything else.
  12. I met Carrie at Collectormania 6 in the MK centre. She was £25 - the same as Shatner around that time as I remember thinking that was mega expensive lol (I was 18 at the time I think). I got a nice auto on a slave girl photo. She was pleasant but the signing was quick even though not many people were queuing. EDIT: The last I knew Hamill was at another European event (that shall not be named here as per forum rules) and was charging £80.
  13. I am curious though as to why this thread is not titled 'Guest Cancellation - Brian Thompson' I know it all means the same thing but it is very strange. My OCD senses are tingling.
  14. Jenna is a good guest and I'm sure loads of people would love to meet her. My thoughts on the other stuff though can be viewed here
  15. Well this is unfortunate. And for me personally the worse re-scheduling ever. Would have got him at MK but LFCC is already overly mental for me so I probably won't be able to meet him. Glad I've already met him right now!
  16. I thought Lyari had retired from acting and didn't do events anymore?
  17. Jeff will be the guest I spend the most on at this event. VERY HAPPY. Finally another guest for my Buffy boxset and one for my TWD poster at least as well as photos. And he's a key character in 24, brilliant in X Files and hilarious in Kindred: The Embraced. I'll be squeeing about this all day now.
  18. Sorry for the caps, it's essential - ARGH!!!!!! JEFF IS MY MOST WANTED GUEST!!! HE IS AMAZING OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Actually I've changed my mind - any guests would be good at the moment as it seems like every SM / ME event has got more guests than HW6 including events for April next year! Give us some guests ME!
  20. If the passes aren't numbered it'll just be on a first come first served basis I would assume, I'm sure a mod will confirm one way or another.
  21. I didn't think Silver Comic Passes got entry into this paid talk and that people had to buy a separate ticket for it... So it should just go Comic Gold Pass and behind them standard paid tickets, all of which will be done in row numbers as etmuse has explained.
  22. You can only buy autographs on the day, unless you're not attending and then you can use the pre-order service that usually runs.
  23. With these 200 additional tickets on sale I really hope the sound system will be up to the challenge and people will be able to hear properly.
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