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  1. dangermouse

    Guest Suggestions

    Chris Parsons & Cathy Munroe (two of the Empire Strikes Back bounty hunters) would be awesome - not sure either of them have been to a con in the South West before.
  2. dangermouse

    Guest suggestions

    Eric Idle is releasing his autobiography in October and doing a book tour in the UK. Just a thought that you could maybe get him for an event such as an Autographica 2018?
  3. dangermouse


    Totally agree 1000%! Getting John is wonderful but Eric is right at the top of my wishlist!
  4. dangermouse

    Guest Suggestions

    Peter Jackson's 'Braindead' will be 25 years old in 2017, so how about convention regular Jed Brophy, star Timothy Balme and co-star the Spaniard Diana Peñalver?
  5. Wow, another amazing guest for Exeter!
  6. can mods delete this post, as the issue of the forum linking was rectified :)
  7. dangermouse

    Jennifer Rubin

    I totally agree! Jennifer was as lovely as I hoped and would happily meet her again.
  8. I think going for something from Copycat is quite a cool choice, given how I assume the vast majority of things she'll be signing will likely be Alien & Ghostbusters (nothing wrong with that either of course).
  9. I totally support this request!
  10. dangermouse

    Guest Suggestions

    Any of the Monty Python members would be awesome :)
  11. Yeah that would be a really cool idea!
  12. dangermouse

    Cardiff Schedule - Updated 26/2 @ 17:10

    How much is Mike Edmonds photoshoot? (as on the 'Guest days and Prices' thread it does not list him as doing a photoshoot).
  13. dangermouse

    Latest Guest Annoucement - COLETTE HILLER

    Get Jenette Goldstein as well!!!
  14. dangermouse


    Agreed. As much as I want to meet Jed, there is no way I could ever justify the minimum £88 standard entry programme price for him alone and so was waiting on the further promised announcements.
  15. dangermouse

    Red Dwarf Photoshoot

    I notice the Red Dwarf Group photo is now on sale in the online shop but the date is wrong - the Sunday shoot is headlined as 26th August and then underneath it says the 31st August (which is the Saturday).