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  1. Why did i not see this before? I should have known, i did know but had forgotten!! XD
  2. This is good news!! Air date, not long now, 3 weeks, which sounds smaller than however many days it will actually be!
  3. I know late adding my reply but wanted to say I'm not giving on thinking this event will happen! I has every faith that come february i shall be pulling my hair out trying to figure out trains to get to Bedford! LOL! I'm keeping everything crossed and i won't give up on SM! XD Although the flyers you send out, has SM ever thought of sending them to local video stores? I work in one and often get asked for random/obscure/etc films/tvshows! Just a thought! XD
  4. At the moment money, I was planning HB for a month, had even saved up cash for this and hub3, before falling ill! Which has left me in a state of no money, i've only just recovered enough to have spending money again and that gone on all Xmas presents this year. So it is after an Xmas season that i'll be booking most definitly!! It still on my books to go, and i really can't wait! I may not be dressing up for the parties but i do hope to go! XD
  5. It does suck you didn't get the response you wanted, I know I have booked a room for this convention but until I speak with my friend (fingers crossed for later on yeah) we haven't booked tickets! Hopefully we'll be booking soon, hopefully. :) It is a great line up and I do hope who ever asks for the fliers does generate some interest for you guys! :) I know I'm looking forward to this event! :)
  6. Ah I'm happy to know the prices, now to budget, a lot and I'm only meeting three people! XD
  7. Although I didn't go to last weekend, I had a friend who did and who would love SM to do an SPN con! SM have proved to keep going from strength to strength on convention front and I so would snap up a ticket of any kind (Collecto/Convention) if they were to run an SPN Con! XD
  8. See now that makes me want a VIP ticket even more, reckon I'd still be able to go to the con if I robbed a bank to buy this ticket? Yeah didn't think so! But good god I want one of them tickets!! Mainly for the jacket! XD LOL.
  9. I'll get what ever I get for christmas! Fingers crossed the parents will buy silver!!!
  10. Jewels1987

    Dance steps

    Best way to learn (espcially a con dance) is to just get up and do it! Honestly tis the only way i learnt the dances! Never let me down yet, plus it twice as fun espeically if you've had a drink!
  11. I have this bizarre vision of everyone turning up in a pizza costume with diffferent toppings!!!
  12. Yeah I booked fine, got the discount got the three night thing. So does that mean with what we've heard from SM (thank you Queen_snidel) that we'll have to redo our bookings on tuesday? Or will they be okay?
  13. No she said that someone spoke to her rudely. Which is utterly unacceptable. Yus that's what I meant! *headdesk* Sorry, I'll edit my own post to show that! Me = stupid at times! Even so still seriously, ask to speak to someone in charge, get your room sorted and complain about the person you first to. :)
  14. Don't shout at me for this, but you say someone spoke to you rudely, instead of putting phone down I think you should have demanded (politely of course) to speak to someone in charge. :) Also why would con goers book just Fri/Sat rooms? It doesn't make sense. Actually I think that's the best way to go, is people phone and demand (politely) that they get sorted. Quoting several people on this forum (myself in cluded) that have been sorted and that you know rooms are there to be booked. :) Please no one shout at me! XD
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