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  1. Finally it worked!!! But to answer questions, no I'm not outside of the UK, my address was all input fine.....it just wouldn't work. But whatever it was, it's finally got over it in the last few mins. Thanks for the suggestions anyway!
  2. I've been trying to buy a ticket for 2 days now and it won't let me pass the address stage of the ordering. I've tried 2 different browsers and have restarted my computer several times - and it still does it. I'd really rather buy in advance so is the shop broken?
  3. Same here. It was great to see this and the bullets from the Quattro! It was also lovely to meet some of the Luigis fangroup. Thanks again! Not a problem! We were a little unsure wether anyone would recognise the car, so we were pleasantly surprised when it was mobbed quite a few times with people posing for photos by it. Glad you liked seeing the quattro wreckage. That is all 100% genuine as I was present at the filming of the airport scenes (obviously) and was told that if I didn't save these bits they'd be swept up and binned. Glad people liked seeing the car!
  4. Just a little note for any Ashes to Ashes fans who may be attending on Sunday/Monday.... Quite a few of us from the Luigis Ashes to Ashes fangroup are going as we obviously want to see Jo (Luigi) and Dean (Raymondo). Luigis actually provided Ashes to Ashes with Alex Drake's gold CID car which she drove to Lancashire to discover the truth about Gene Hunt...and this car is also later seen again in the formation of Police cars seen charging down the runway behind the quattro just moments before the quattro was destroyed. Gemma from Showmasters has very kindly allowed us to display D.I Drake's CID car outside of one the entrances, so if you are an Ashes fan please pop along and say hi to us. We were bringing the car up anyway to show members of Luigis and it is very kind of Gemma to let us do this 'for real'. Many thanks, and it's always good to meet more Ashes fans! This is the actual car and it will be filled with some very special Ashes to Ashes items.... inlcuding some genuine wreckage from Gene Hunts quattro which I was allowed to keep as a momento. So come say a cheery hi to us!
  5. Is there any chance you might be able to get Geff Francis who plays desk sargeant Viv in Ashes instead???
  6. Oh no, that's a great shame. We from Luigis we're hoping to meet our main man. Still, I'd love it if you could maybe get him for a future event. And, any chance of getting another Ashes person in his place at all?
  7. Luigis Ashes to Ashes fabgroup would like to say a big thanks to everyone who stopped off to look at our quattro that we had on display at the event. It was our very first time showing the vehicle and we were thrilled that so many people were interested in it. We really hope people enjoyed having a close look and in some cases even getting in and firing it up. Also we would like to say a tremendous thanks to ShowMasters for allowing the car to come along and join in the event, and for arranging for Philip Glenister to autograph the car - That meant a heck of a lot. Thanks everyone! We had a wonderful time!
  8. I think the term you are looking for is 'replica being very kindly brought over 100 miles to be displayed by the biggest Ashes fan group'
  9. As the owner of this car can I please just point out that it is appearing Sunday only. Thanks :)
  10. Ah that's handy....I had visions of our autographs blowing away
  11. Never having been to this venue before, can I just ask, is it open air? Or are we in an inside bit of the stadium? I don't really mind either way, I just wondered what happens if it rains if it's an open air place.
  12. On a search, my Sat Nav is showing me "MK Dons football club" off a "Grafton street"....is that it?
  13. For those of us following a Sat-Nav, what should we input to find the venue? Is there a road name or postcode for the stadium?
  14. You gotta complete the Ashes to Ashes line up and get Keeley 'DI Drake' Hawes! Please! :)
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