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  1. Hi, didn't mean to sound snarky, I was just confused like. Okay, will need to have a think, as three vouchers for mystery guests in the 3rd jaffa to the right category isn't a very good deal to be honest, and if the captain and bridge crew level ones are pre assigned and not changeable that isn't great either- we don't really want to get the same ones given how expensive this event is. Admiral would be lovely but I don't have a spare 6 grand lying around lol. Maybe if I win the lottery in the interim... Thanks for the info.
  2. That doesnt answer the question really. Do I get 5 autos included? Please clarify what exactly I get for a commander ticket regarding autographs as your website is worded extremely badly. Basically it sounds like you get 5 autos and to pay for them you get 3 vouchers? which equate to 60 euros. And then these will be for guests who are only, what, 15 euros per auto to get your 5 autos and if that is the case that isn't value for money at all. We have done many Chevron and hub events where we have gone gold ticket and you got all your autos, all your photos and a meet and greet. I get that these guests are more expensive, but this seems excessive if all you get is 3 x 20 euro vouchers. Please clarify how this works.
  3. Hiya, been looking at the various packages and am now very confused. It says you get 5 autos included in the commander package. It then says these take the form of 3 x vouchers for the autos, with a 20 euro face value each. It also says you can't use them as partial payment. None of the autos are less than 25 euros. So that makes those unusable. Can I get some clarification please as I am not dropping 600 quid to then have to pay extra to get the guests autographs that I and my partner want. On initial reading it looked good value, allowed for myself and my other half to get everyone between us. Now I am not so sure! Thanks.
  4. As Martin Wood has cancelled, how about this very funny lady instead? She's a hoot, and she lives in the UK, so no huge travel needed. Anyone else agree?
  5. I couldn't get the site to work at all. Eventually had to give up on using my smartphone to access the site, and called instead. They informed me that the Friday night was sold out already, and that I would have to pay £110 for room only on Friday night. Is there any possibility of getting more rooms released at the convention rate?
  6. Have to say I love those themes Lee, gives oodles of scope for people!
  7. have to say I like the "Out of Time" idea the best, gives people oodles of choice. Would be nice to know no though, time is marching on....
  8. Had a bit of cockup, bought my two tickets, couldn't see where to put the names... is there an email address i can send them to? Sorry....
  9. As it looks increasingly as though I'll be there, I shall be Jack Harknessing it at least some of the time, and so to stay in character I shall keep an eye out for you ladies ;D
  10. One of Sarah Janes quotes seems like it was written for now and hearing it while watching the ep on dvd killed me.... The Universe has to move forward. Pain and loss, they define us as much as happiness or love. Whether it's a world or a relationship. Everything has its time and everything ends. Sarah Jane Smith, School Reunion. Elisabeth Sladen will be massively missed
  11. In no particular order- Nerys Hughes (reckon she would be an EPIC guest), Matt Rippy, Peter Capaldi, Indira Varma, Richard Briers.
  12. Not really, this is question that the event organisers need to source the answer for. If they call the hotel, they will probably be able to clear things through the events manager that the hotel has allocated them. If we call up, the staff are simply going to go "What? Are you nuts?". In this day and age, these things need to be sorted out officially.
  13. Was saying in stock until I tried to put it in my basket- i take that last ticket has now gone?
  14. Covering it in sellotape and then painting over the top of that will work way better. Done than before, and most non waterbased paints will stick to tape very nicely, easy to peel off afterwards, too :) Personally will be doing various costumes over the weekend, but mostly black tactical gear, both SG1 and Atlantis
  15. Have to say I'm having the same problem... Wrap party doesn't suggest anything other than normal clothes to me... Got something sorted for the Las Vegas Casino night at least :)
  16. Don't see the point of having a double shoot with those two, would make more sense to have either Micheal and Teryl (SG1 originals) or Lexa and Teryl (two docs). Lexa and Micheals characters had very little to do with each other on the show...
  17. Personally, I don't think so. S4K distributes money to projects worldwide as opposed to just in Canada, and at the end of the day, it's Claire's costume collection, so it really is up to her where the charity money goes. I do know that anything raised by my jacket will be going to S4K. At the end of the day though, if you'd rather donate to another charity, you're completely free to do so. Sanctuary for Kids is a wonderful charity making a difference in childrens lives all over the world, including providng medical help in Haiti and rescuing girls from slavery, neglect and abuse in Nepal. Incidentally, you guys know Micheal appeared in an episode of Sanctuary, right?
  18. Okay, for S4K, I will also bring Sam Carters Black BDU jacket (G8wep) this is also a hero piece, will have patches on, and has AT's sig on it to prove as such. Same price will apply for photos :) Was bought from Legends
  19. At Hub 5 it was in the photo room, wasn't too crowded and was quite comfortable once we got the hotel to switch on the aircon. For that room Loopymowse, your best bet would be to station yourself by the door. That way you'll have a escape route should you need it. Hope that helps :)
  20. Just wondering if there are actually going to be any themed parties at this weekend... Hallowhedons themes were announced on august 27th, Eternal Twilights waaaay back in March. So are there gonna be any at all?
  21. Have to say that as a cosplayer I am solidly against this idea. I have, like quite a few other people, spent a considerable amount of time, effort and money on putting together screen accurate costumes. A non-removable wristband would totally wreck the look of the costumes. At all the massive events I've gone to we've just showed our passes at the door. Why not simply make it clear that if you don't have your pass, you don't get in? Then people would have nobody to blame but themselves if they left thier pass in the room/upstairs etc. TommyT- I haven't witnessed anyone getting called anything for asking to see passes. Anyhow, as I said, totally, TOTALLY against the idea of having something stuck on my wrist that I can't take off for three days and that'll be seen in many of the photos we costumers do- we often recreate publicity shots etc when a group of us get togethr, and those aren't simply head and shoulders portraits.
  22. I'll be wandering about as Jack most of the weekend, would be happy to help you out :)
  23. Uh, no, mine aren't- I'm a UKARA registered airsoft skirmisher, so mine are all black mate- skirmishers have a defence under the VCRA that allows us to buy and import realistic imitation firearms. :) So do members of reenctment groups, and film and tv production companies. As for the two tone (either 50% clear or brightly coloured bodied) weapons that unregistered folks over 18 can buy, you still shouldn't take them outside. I had a conversation with a police firearms officer who told me that regardless what colour it's painted, they'll treat it as real if someone is waving it around in the street until proven otherwise. Like i said though, the park inn were fine with it :)
  24. I had my UNIT gear on, complete with G36 and P226 in leg holster in the Park Inn at Hub 4, and it was no problem at all. The hotel know that they're just replicas, and as long as you don't take them outside they were absolutely fine.
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