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  1. kroll_2008

    Blakes' 7 Convention for 2009?

    Any chance there will be another B7 convention this year, last years was amazing....
  2. kroll_2008

    Blakes' 7 Convention for 2009?

    agreed, forget all this stargate and farscape nonsense....
  3. kroll_2008

    Latest Guest Announcement - KATY MANNING

    Superb, seeing her in March and then here, superb lady!!!!
  4. I met him in 1997 and he was brilliant, very charming....
  5. I hear that some DW guests didn't turn up... who were they?
  6. kroll_2008

    what happened to the DW guests

    If I'd of gone it would be for Roger Limb or Roy Holder so I'm glad I missed it... PHEW!
  7. kroll_2008

    what happened to the DW guests

    who was the free auto on sunday then if Roy Holder didn't show?
  8. kroll_2008

    Where was David Prowse

    so which DW guests never showed?
  9. kroll_2008

    My thoughts on Collectormania Midlands 2

    Really glad I missed this one and didn't take the chance on it. Lets hope the next one has some decent guests instead of one or two.
  10. kroll_2008

    My thoughts on Collectormania Midlands 2

    freedom of speech eh?
  11. kroll_2008

    pics of dreyfuss...lol

    forget dreyfuss didn't want to meet him....
  12. kroll_2008

    It's all over :(

    so what was is with the Barrowman autos as i couldn't get there? I guess there was a maximum of one you could get....
  13. kroll_2008

    Guest Cancellations?

    we'll see
  14. I hope there's no last minute ones, I'm keeping everything crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited
  15. kroll_2008

    Guest Cancellations?

    they are Amy manson and Heather Craney from victorian torchwood....
  16. kroll_2008

    free guests to come soon

    Paul McGann - have it on good authority!
  17. kroll_2008

    Auction at The Hub

    if its the same as the B7 its a group auction and card payment was possible... don't expect any bargains though....
  18. kroll_2008

    A travel question (From London)

    my friend went by train and changed at milton keynes, he got to the event at Aftermath by 9.15, its not a long walk from northampton train station - 5 mins
  19. kroll_2008

    So Far today....

    how much are the autos? was it free entry?
  20. kroll_2008

    Collectormania Guest List

    very poor guest list this time
  21. kroll_2008

    Guest Cancellation ADAM BALDWIN

    met him before, was a bit of an idiot so no loss...
  22. kroll_2008


    they won't announce it, there's a thread about it i think.... turn up and hope
  23. kroll_2008


    Hi SHowmasters, have many more people signed up to this event or is it still 110?
  24. kroll_2008


    Well having to pay more than I expected for autographs at Bad Wolf this year has probably killed off two day conventions for me certainly. And it was that weekend I decided against B7 and TW. yeah the bad wolf got to me especially not realising the 1 auto rule, had to pay over £60 for extras, wasn't impressed