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  1. agreed, forget all this stargate and farscape nonsense....
  2. Any chance there will be another B7 convention this year, last years was amazing....
  3. Superb, seeing her in March and then here, superb lady!!!!
  4. If I'd of gone it would be for Roger Limb or Roy Holder so I'm glad I missed it... PHEW!
  5. who was the free auto on sunday then if Roy Holder didn't show?
  6. I hear that some DW guests didn't turn up... who were they?
  7. Really glad I missed this one and didn't take the chance on it. Lets hope the next one has some decent guests instead of one or two.
  8. forget dreyfuss didn't want to meet him....
  9. so what was is with the Barrowman autos as i couldn't get there? I guess there was a maximum of one you could get....
  10. they are Amy manson and Heather Craney from victorian torchwood....
  11. I hope there's no last minute ones, I'm keeping everything crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited
  12. if its the same as the B7 its a group auction and card payment was possible... don't expect any bargains though....
  13. my friend went by train and changed at milton keynes, he got to the event at Aftermath by 9.15, its not a long walk from northampton train station - 5 mins
  14. how much are the autos? was it free entry?
  15. met him before, was a bit of an idiot so no loss...
  16. they won't announce it, there's a thread about it i think.... turn up and hope
  17. kroll_2008


    Hi SHowmasters, have many more people signed up to this event or is it still 110?
  18. kroll_2008


    Well having to pay more than I expected for autographs at Bad Wolf this year has probably killed off two day conventions for me certainly. And it was that weekend I decided against B7 and TW. yeah the bad wolf got to me especially not realising the 1 auto rule, had to pay over £60 for extras, wasn't impressed
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