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  1. totally agree, bit of a let down, glad i didn't waste my money on this.... can't be helped but still a let down
  2. Unfortunately yes cheers, that has made my mind up now about paying on the door now....
  3. glad I'm going to Utopia instead tomorrow, at least it will be warm.... so sad as the MK shopping centre was really good...
  4. it did come across quite patronising, i know you didn't mean it....
  5. fair play looks like anyone can say what they want for a bit.... just thought people were getting arsey with each other and it don't look good for them as a business ...
  6. can someone close this thread, its getting a bit personal with some people now....
  7. whatever lizzy... did you actually read what i said???? I gave my opinion about how I won't use it and how some will but to offer the signed photos on the online shop for ease especially when people want to see the photos first.... i thought that ws a good idea, TP do it.... you seem to be making personal attacks on me now....
  8. if you do not think its worth it to you please do not go for it Don't worry i'm Not going to.... Some of the stuff showmasters are posting is really below the belt TBH, they rely on fans so if you post something then fans will make comments and provide have constructive critism then you will get it right, having a pop at us all doesn't create great PR or make us bothered to attend these events to support you. I don't agree with it, but some do
  9. he didn't touch Jack though only handed him a bar of chocolate
  10. £5 for Bobby George... bargain, he obviously cares about his fans pockets.... i'll have 4!!!!
  11. Can we get Naoko on the sunday as well please?????????????
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