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  1. Sorry don't remember the name of the stall BUT I have seen them at nearly all of the Showmasters events over the years as they always seem to be next to my friends stall.Would expect them to be back for EMS and if not then definitely for MK & future LFACC's. Know it's not much but best I can do I'm afraid !!
  2. Try this link , but be aware , cinemas in London are very expensive , any in West End/Leicester Square even more so. http://www.bing.com/maps/Default.aspx?encType=1&v=2&ss=yp.cinemas~sst.0~pg.1&where1=Victoria%2c%20United%20Kingdom&style=r&cp=51.496021270752~-0.144549995660782&lvl=11&mkt=en-gb&FORM=LLSV
  3. There is a Tesco Express a bit further down the road.
  4. As per usual with the underground , there are engineering works on various points on the line this weekend. See this link for details , http://www.tfl.gov.u...?offset=weekend . Please remember this is for scheduled closures , not closures that may occur over the weekend for whatever reason. If you need help with your route planning use this link , http://journeyplanne...ST2?language=en , which will take into account any engineering works. The stop for the event is Kensington(Olympia) The closure shown for Kensington (Olympia) is for overground train services not underground
  5. Just to add to last comment;if the picture you want signing is a specific one or perhaps from a show the guest is less well known for it maybe an idea to source a picture for yourself from somewhere else as there is no guarantee the event will have the exact photo you may want. For example , at one event I went to with Armin Shimmerman as a guest only had photos of him as Quark , nothing from Buffy,Stargate,Boston Legal.
  6. Have also signed up and very intruiged as to what it's going to be !!
  7. Thanks for the prompt answer TT , will be glad to use system when it is all set up.Just shame not ready for this weekend but ah well. Can close this thread now if you want as question is answered for me and topic is over.
  8. I have just been onto the Showmasters Sales webpage looking to order an Amanda Tapping autograph from Chevron 7.8 , yes I realise it was last minute but as shop was still open thought would give it a try.Everything was going fine until it came to the part about payment when I realised I would be phoned and asked for my card payment details.At this point I stopped the transaction as that is not something I do over the phone,yes I would give the same details on line but I feel that is more secure than verbally giving details over a phone line.Why is there not the usual online paying sysytem avai
  9. If you look at this map here The Pheasant There is a pub within walking distance from the hotel that does very good food including full roasts on a sunday. The pub name is The Pheasant The Radisson is marked as Henley's Restaurant & Bar
  10. Hehe, I did that too!! Great minds! ** wonders what this photo is and how I missed it ** This is the one I picked up (not exactly the same as mine is cropped a bit more) Could be looking for a good Firefly and/or general glamour shot too as already have another Stargate one signed from a few years ago. Do you mean ones like these ? From other conventions she did a few years ago. I think she supplied the organiser with the glamour shots herself.
  11. Can add these two to the mix ;
  12. I often work on a friends table during these events and it is very rarely she buys an autograph at the event for her stock to sell later but she does buy them for her own collection. One recent exception to this was for Alex Kingston because my friend had tried to meet her at theatre a number of times and had no luck getting anything. At LFACC she actually sold all of her Karen Gillan autographs she had in stock from meeting karen elsewhere at a price of £30.The main reasons for this were that even though most of the people had VQ tickets they could not wait till that late in the day
  13. Some dealers who sell in the US will be able to sell a David Tennant for around $100 or more , so buying them at £45 makes sense.The ones they buy at the event may also be a better signature than ones they get elsewhere hence the possible price difference. A friend of mine who is a dealer will sometimes have price differences of £5 or £10 between the same autograph because of how good or bad the signature is. She has also told me that Jason insists on all the autograph dealers being a member of one of the governing bodies ie UACC or AFTAL
  14. Think behind the door is his previous 10 incarnations
  15. I'm also still having problems,I am using Firefox 5.0.1. But works fine with ie 9.0
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