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    Lets escape reality

    I'd chose Willow, from any season, just cuz of the pure fabulousness of her! Hehehe. If I had to chose a guy to be, I'd pick Spike probably, cuz he's also great, and has the best lines! I'd also maybe chose to be season six Buffy, but only for the episodes where she's having sex with Spike, cuz, well, who wouldn't!!?
  2. buffy_rocks

    Fave Person you have meet

    I have only ever met Alyson Hannigan and Nicholas Brendon, but my fave out of those two is definatley Aly just cuz she was so wonderful too me, and she's my fave actress, also she stood around and talked to me for ages even though her taxi was waiting for her! Didn't get a pic with her cuz never thought I'd actually get to meet her!
  3. buffy_rocks

    If there was a new spin-off

    I would love to see any of these with a spin-off: -Willow and Kennedy -Faith and Robin -Spike -Giles -Andrew!!! Also would like to see Dawn and Xander with spin-off's but I don't see how that would work as they have no special powers, unless Dawn became a watcher?!? But the only thing they could do with Xander is have him as a recurring role to one of the others.
  4. buffy_rocks


    I've just watched Storyteller from season 7 again, and everytime I've watched it I always think 'Someone should give Tom Lenk an award for this!'. I just think he is so amazingly brilliant in that episode, don't get me wrong he is incredible in the other episodes too, but in Storyteller he was just so....wow! I loved the way he acted in that episode because it made everything so much clearer, we saw what Andrew was going through and got too really understand what was going on there. I really enjoyed the way he made other characters (Xander and Anya) think about some issues they had. Also when Willow and Kennedy where kissing he just ignored them and filmed Xanders handywork, which had me in giggles. But then there was the scene by 'the seal' which was well acted, and made me forget it was just a tv show and made me really feel for him, and then again at the end when Andrew is in the bathroom, admitting to everything in front of the camera, and says 'There's a big fight coming, and I don't know whats going to happen. I don't even think I'm going to live through it...that's uh, probably the way it should be'. And in that scene Andrew went from being 'just a side-line character' to a main character, who is way up there in my top 10! So now I've babbled on, I wondered what you guys thought about this episode, and any other episodes that made you feel like that about a character or even the whole show!
  5. buffy_rocks


    Ironic how the most wanted guest is the one who doesn't do signings isn't it? Voted for Aly by the way, met her before but she's my hero (sounds funny) and she was so sweet and spoke to me for ages and even said i look like her which i nearly fainted at! Vote Aly!
  6. buffy_rocks

    Buffy/ Angel guests!

    Would love to meet: Alyson Hannigan Alexis Denisoff (didn't want too before but saw how cute and funny he is and wanted too but couldn't) James Marsters (didn't get a ticket) Amber Benson Eliza Dushku Iyadi Limon Michelle T SMG Anthony Head (didn't get too meet him) JOSS WHEDON (that would be such a long queue) Tom Lenk Probs more but I'm tres tired! Though Alyson Hannigan doesn't do conventions because she is afraid of crowds and neither does SMG cuz she is such a *star* (can you tell I don't really like her? But want a pic with her and her auto, that makes sense eh ?!) the rest should be easy enough to get, Michelle has recently done a UK convention, and the others all do em too!
  7. buffy_rocks

    James Marsters VQ Tickets

    Grrrrr! I am really annoyed at myself for not going today now, I waited around all day yesterday for James to have an open queue, just through sheer desperation, but today I decided it would just be a clone of yesterday so didn't go. Instead I sat around doing nothing and feeling miserable about yesterday!
  8. buffy_rocks

    The Watchers Talk...

    Just wondered what everyone else thought of it? I ended up going on my own cuz it was very last minute my deciding to go, I'm really glad I did though, I got some really great pictures of Anthony and Alexis, they had great chemistry and where soooo funny! Loved the bit where Anthony sang the Cadbury Flake advert tune, twas really great! And it was soooo funny when his phone rang and he answered it..."Yes, I would like you too feed the dogs". And the bit about Alexis not wearing any trousers while he was doing the desk scenes! Wow, my minds all over the place with snippets of it. Basically, I thought it was ace and I wondered what you all thought of it??
  9. buffy_rocks


    I also have a complaint about James Marsters, I got to the shopping centre at 10 o clock, but by the time the queue went down and I got to the front, I was told all the VQ tickets where sold out and my chances of meeting James where a million to one. And to top it off I didn't get to meet ASH either cuz his tickets where sold out too. I ended up going to the Watchers talk, and I'm actually really glad I did, it was very interesting and I sat right at the front so got really great piccies! Wish I could of met James though, I had been looking forward to that for months. I think Collectormania should move to a different venue, and charge for entrance, and make sure people get to see the star's they want too. Ended up buying loads of stuff to make myself feel better, but I regret it not, so grrr.
  10. buffy_rocks

    Can anyone help?

    Thankies! *breathes a sigh of relief* It was my first Collectormania at C6 so I didn't take a camera, and I've been regretting it ever since! So I don't want to make the same mistake this time!
  11. buffy_rocks

    Can anyone help?

    Hey, I have a problem. I am going to Collectormania alone But I really want a photo of me and James Marsters, and a photo of me and Anthony Head, so long as they are both allowing photo's. But my problem is that I have no-one to take the photo's. I wondered if anyone has a solution??
  12. buffy_rocks

    Eliza Dushku petition for C7

    Please!!!!!!!! *begs*
  13. buffy_rocks

    Fav episode?

    Argh, its so hard to chose!!! Umm, my top few are probably: - Once More With Feeling (Disappointed Alyson Hannigan did sing more than 3 lines though!) - Storyteller (Tom Lenk deserves an award for his acting in that episode! Anyone else think so?) - The Gift (amazing acting all around) - Chosen (for its obvious greatness) - Potential (only for Xanders speach at the end, I actually cried!) - Hush (for the sheer brilliance) - The Body (did a talk on this one in school the other day, I loved how they all dealt with demons everyday, but then there is a death of someone they've all grown to love and they fall to pieces emotionally!) I think thats it. I'll probably remember more and add them later on!
  14. buffy_rocks

    HAVE YOU EVER .......?

    Thankies muchly! Alyson Hannigan is my favouritist actress EVER! I already have her autograph from when I met her after When Harry Met Sally (she's so lovely!) but there wasn't chance to stop and chat, so I'd love to send her a letter! Again, thankies!
  15. buffy_rocks

    Last ever episodes

    I thought the Anya death scene was handled really well, they had to have the death of one main character in the episode too pull at the heartstrings of viewers. I don't think it would of been right if they had of killed Buffy, Willow, Xander or Giles off because they where the ones there at the beginning and it seemed fitting that they survived right through to the very end (granted Buffy did die twice). I don't think they should of brought Angel in for the final episode of Chosen, it seemed abit wrong to me somehow, like he didn't really fit in with it all. I guess it's because I'm a huge fan of the 'Spuffy' dynamic. Loved the part where Buffy mentioned putting Spike and Angel in room to fight out there differences (with oil of somekind involved) that cast the best image in my mind! I also loved the 'Cookie Dough' analogy, that was really great. I hated the fact that Spike had too die (granted he was brought back on Angel afterwards but I didn't really watch Angel that much) beautiful the moment between him and Buffy when she told him she loves him. They both looked like they really did love each other, although Spike knew she didn't really. So I think, basically, that the finale of Buffy was great and had really great dialogue and acting etc.