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  1. Do we have any idea yet how much these are going to cost? Just budgeting I know normally main guests are around the £15 mark... Thanks Kriss :)
  2. I was wondering if you were getting Big Finnish there due to the fact that they are releasing the new audio books in a few months.... Kriss :)
  3. I think it works fine and it is very logical to have the Golds and Silvers doing their ops on the Saturday whilst the Standards do the autos...then change over the Sunday...and yes it was not the organisation at fault at all at C7.8 it was just some very nice guests who wanted to make sure that everyone got a piece of their time which is lovely! Oh and and I have now been to quite a few of these and it has always worked...although it does take a few times before you actually get what is going on! :) The one thing is about the timing and that you can join any queue as long as your letter has been called. That took me a while...I know I am thick!...LOL Kriss :) Kriss :)
  4. I thought that would be the answer but thought I would ask... :) Thank you... Kriss :)
  5. I am sure at some point someone has asked this question but if I say get a silver pack but I don't want to get everyone's autograph or photo can I trade them in for someone elses? As you now punch holes in the cards you could then punch a hole in the number of the person you have traded for? ie Could I have 5 photo ops with Michael instead of one per guest and have all of my 5 numbers punched on my card? I can see why you would say no due to the fact that extra photo ops costs vary according the guests but as we have already paid for these ops or autos surely we could trade them? Kriss :)
  6. Is it ok to use the banner so that I can put it up on my Michael website....quite a few people visit there... Kriss :)
  7. For the price it was well worth it...if you didn't have enough for all of the individual ones it was a real saving! Hopefully they can do it at other events as well... Kriss :)
  8. I was told by one of the conciege that it was at a discounted price for people staying....passed it on to people who I knew were staying... Kriss :)
  9. I just want to know the prices now...just got back from the hotel but left before it was announced... Kriss :)
  10. latest tweet... Hello Londunne!! We are here! @RobinDunne and I are ready to roll. http://lockerz.com/s/186476166 http://lockerz.com/s/186476183 Kriss :)
  11. Amanda has just tweeted.... Leave for @Chevron7.8 tomorrow! Excited to see you all. Check out the @sanctuary4kids booth in the dealers room and the auction on Saturday! Kriss :)
  12. Thank you! Didn't think so but thought it wise to ask first... Kriss :)
  13. Will there be day tickets as a friend of a friend would like to come along but can only make one day. Kriss :)
  14. So sorry to hear this guys....hopefully he will be able to make it another time... Kriss :)
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