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  1. I was gutted when HBO axed Carnivale. That was just an amazing show, with lots of character and great actors.
  2. Unfortunately I couldn't attend LFCC this year. I moved to China about two weeks ago. But yesterday I was watching the international news channel. And to my surprise there was a segment about LFCC. They showed the hall, some of teh stalls and a few guests such as Corey Feldman and Robert Knepper. There was also an interview with Jason, comparing LFCC to San Diego Comic Con. I just wanted to let you guys know that your fame is now extending all teh way to Asia. Well done to the marketing team and a big congrats to Jason!
  3. Hi Jason, Shuttle buses are always a great help to me, as I usually get around by public transport. So the idea is great. But, in this case I would not be able to use them, as I usually travel to MK from London by bus. So I don't end up at the train station, but at the bus station. But no worries, there are regular buses from there to CM :)
  4. Please get us: Lee Aarenberg - Pirates of the Caribbean David Bailie - Pirates of the Caribbean Ali Larter - Heroes Masi Oka - Heroes Zachary Quinto - Heroes Richard Roundtree - Heroes Alfie Enoch - Harry Potter Matthew Lewis - Harry Potter Natalia Tena - Harry Potter Emilie DeRavin - Lost Evangeline Lilly - Lost Michael Emerson - Lost Corey Feldman - Goonies / Stand by Me Sean Astin - Goonies / Lord of the Rings John Astin - Addams Family Jonathan Ke Quan - Goonies / Indiana Jones Brad Dourif - Lord of the Rings Jerry O'Connell - Stand by Me / Sliders Joanna Cassidy - Bl
  5. Damnit ! I REALLY want to meet her. Thought she was brilliant in Tideland and Silent Hill. But I'm no Twilight fan, so I'm not flying to the UK for this.
  6. Any update on Keith being in London? Is he still cinfirmed for the 29th?
  7. Very cool to get some writers attending! So thanks for that. But if I read correctly Brian Murphy is also attending. Does that mean he will be signing as well?
  8. That possibility came to my mind too... Now, by the time of CM London, Peter will already have attended a con in the US... Not sure it counts though as Jason's statement that "the guest" didn't do any con in the US or in the UK has technically been posted prior to that other event in the US That might explain why Jason didn't announce "it" as a World 1st appearance... My thoughts exactly. Also there are a few other guests in London that will have done that American show like Brian Krause and Catherine Mary Stewart.
  9. I'm just wondering who this could be. My estimated guess is: Peter Fonda
  10. Always good to see new Potter guests, however big or small their part may be ! Hoping for more HP guests !
  11. Would love to see some of these people:' Robert Pattinson Natalia Tena Mark Williams Katie Leung Matthew Lewis Lee Arenberg David Bailie Martin Klebba Vanessa Branch Leslie Nielsen Jimmy Jean Louis Ashley Crow Dania Ramirez Kristen Bell Eric Roberts Shawnee Smith Missy Pyle Jamie Campbell Bower Sean Astin Corey Feldman Jeff Cohen Ralph Macchio Katey Sagal Nathan Fillion Alan Tudyk Ron Glass Nick Stahl Clea Duval Michael J Anderson Robert Beltran Roxanne Dawson Tim Russ Jolene Blalock Brad Dourif Fairuza Balk Tyler Mane Alex Winter And of course
  12. Lest not forget her main part on the great series Carnivale!!!
  13. As a major Goonies fan - I HAVE top agree here. Just met Josh Brolin at the W premiere in London, where he signed my dvd. Would be great to get some of the others too! Especially Jonathan Ke Quan, Sean Astin, Corey Feldman and Jeff Cohen!!! But I wouldnt say no to Davi or Pantoleano either
  14. Fairuza Balk Robert Patrick Edward Furlong Leslie Nielsen David Arquette Ralph Macchio Linda Hamilton Corey Feldman Stephen Baldwin Katey Sagal Val Kilmer Eric Roberts Rutger Hauer Bruce Campbell Michael Madsen Zachary Quinto Shawnee Smith Tobin Bell Leonard Nimoy William Shatner Richard Dreyfus Nick Stahl Mads Mikkelsen Brad Dourif Lucy Lawless Malcolm McDowell Jolene Blalock And many more of course
  15. I'm curious too. So far it looks like Sunday for me with Sachs and Lumley there. But I do wonder about the other guests. Any news on that?
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