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  1. by god , Claudine Auger, that would be quite something
  2. i have a question, i pre ordered a Sigourney Weaver auto with an extra 5 pounds for personalisation (just in case her line was to big, luckely i got in) now we all know she didnt personalize and im glad i got the extra sig but how does the refund work on the 5 pound ?
  3. Got in very late on sunday evening, really with the last 30 people or so in that line ( no diamond or golden pass) so there was not much left of aliens on the table to pick from ( wished i brought a cool pic from home but was not even expecting to get in that room to meet her ) i got this one : is it me or did she just signed her name on saturday and on sunday she stared adding Ripley to the sig ? or was that the whole weekend ?
  4. Saturday evening around 17h Bill Paxton , without gold or diamond pass. just walked right up to him. Sunday evening around 17h30 Sigourney Weaver, same thing, no diamond of gold pass, maybe 30 people there.( i felt very lucky to get in there so late ) My friends who didnt have golden or diamond pass for Christopher Lloyd got their stuff around 18h when the con was kinda closing. A shame that he didn't personalised for them , i met him few years ago at a Q & A where he was happy to sign for free and have a brief chat to everybody who walked up to him :
  5. but Paxton had an open que by the end of saturday en most of sunday, heck the end of sunday he was even sitting there with no que shouting " going once..; going twice..."
  6. would be epic if they can get Dan Aykroyd ( since Ghostbusters will be hot again) or Jeff Goldblum ( to promote Independence Day 2 ) , heck they should add Sam Neil and Laura Dern now that Jurassic park is back too.
  7. very cool that Paxton added a quote specific to every movie when nobody told him to do that. but still curious as to why some people didnt get a personalisation and some did while he had the time to write long quotes (i got like 2 sentences on a poster to a movie he directed) The coolest thing i seen was when i was in line for Sigourney, a dude came out with a limited Avatar print with some text on it, i asked what it was and it was her sig & "Ripley" but about that she also wrote" Dr Grace Augustine" (her character in Avatar ). So she corrected her mistake by adding that name.
  8. Darren Lynn Bousmen on Saw 2 poster, dedication + "i wanna play a game" Bill Paxton on Frailty poster all my best ," are you a demon ? Bill Paxton on Aliens photo, dedication + "game over" Sigourney Weaver on Aliens photo "Ripley" Carrie Henn on Aliens photo , dedication + "it wont make any diffrence, Newt" Colette Hiller on Aliens photo, dedication + "fly the friendly skies, Ferro" Trevor Steedman on Aliens photo, dedication + "spam in a can, Wierzbowski" Lea Thompson on JAWS 3D poster , dedication + "lots of love, Kelly Ann Bukowski" Lea Thompson on BTTF photo, dedication + "best wishes from the past & the future" James Tolkan on Top Gun photo, dedication + "Son, your ego is writing checks your body can's cash"
  9. yeagh best guest over the weekend, took her sweet time when i showed up with my Jaws 3D poster. she started talking about how cool it was to see a non BTTF item, talked about her being dubbed in french in that film and how she met the lady who dubbed her while she was in France, her being on the poster art as one of the waterskiers, ..... i asked her if she remembered her character's full name and she added that on her sig
  10. went to the bathroom on the first floor ( the one in front of Darren Lynn Bousman's table) and James Tolkan walked in there a bit surreal to do your stuff with Strickland right there next to you doing his thing...... he did wash his hands btw
  11. yeagh the guy in front of me had a ghostbusters proton pack he wanted to get signed, so he took it off at her table and she really was looking for a good spot to sign it , while she did that she said something like " great work, im sure it works too" not everyday u see something like that unfolding before you.
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