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  1. I lose... oh wait, now I win....
  2. Ohhh, right, sorry Okay, I'll tell her to email showmasters then :)
  3. Yeah, she did reply to the initial email before the deadline :) we set them at like the same time, but yeah she didn't get the yes or no email :/ Thanks, I'll see what TooTall says when he sees it :) x
  4. Hi, sorry, I got a confirmation email for CM17 saying I got selected, but my friend who also applied didn't get any email at all, despite the fact the email says everyone is being emailed as whether or not they got selected? Maybe she got missed or something? I'm not asking for her to be selected, just wondered if she did or not as she didn't get a reply? Her name is Eleanor Ludlow (might be Ellie Ludlow) and her email is eludlow@princesrisborough.bucks.sch.uk Thanks :) x
  5. I just read this in a silent computer room in 6th form, and burst out laughing. Everyone started at me hahaha. Think i'll just be Jack or Gwen friday :) I love the saturday theme, because it was done before and it was awesome last time and i'm going to have to agree with Nem.... Pizza?
  6. I'd love to see Ruth Jones, Indira Varma or Freema Aygeman Especially Ruth Jones, as I am a MASSIVE fan of Gavin and Stacey
  7. It's a shame, but obviously it can't be helped :/ I just hope I do get to meet him eventually! I think Indira Varma would be great, seeing as she's also cancelled before :)
  8. Even Horror or comedy?
  9. *ahem* I believe I am winning...
  10. I am often slow and stupid, but... what is consequences??
  11. Haha, he's the voice of the cube! He's also sergant slipper in Dennis the Menace xD but yes showmasterssss, good guest :)
  12. When you get your confirmation to crew it asks you to confirm which nights in the hotel you require and also asks you who you would like to share with. We do our best to make sure people who request each other do share together, as long as you both request the same nights in the crew hotel it's very unlikely you would not be put together. Thanks :) also, i just sent my applicaion but forgot an emergency number... should I resend it wih it on?
  13. Me and my friend are both going to apply to crew, but we will need accomodation. If we do get to do it, is there anyway we could share a room rather than both getting put with different people? :) Thanks.
  14. I loved the 1940s party at HUB1, and I've still got one of the "Swingtime Sweethearts" flags! That was a good theme actually. I think I've still got the flag somewhere. i liked that one, it was cool and the singers were good, and they planned it well as they didn't go on for too long for the people who didn't like them. And i have my flag on my wall xD
  15. i dont know if anyone else noticed, but the first two (193 & 192) are both from the 8th, but one is 2 mins before midnight, then 191 is on the 9th, so im guessing the 9th was meant to be 192, meaning we're one day ahead of ourselves ;D haha. so it should be 189 today? xx
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