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  1. The guests that SM bought to the show. They were the 'right' big name guests and I think this should set the precident for future diamond pass guests.... These A Listers like MJF, Sigourney and Bill Paxton are also really good human beings. They will look you in the eye, have a word or two with you, shake your hand or give you a hug for a photo etc (and the big one......) actually acknowledge your existance! These are the guests we want! Some of these diamond passes were not cheap and I think what justified getting them, for me, was that the experience was memorable for the right reasons and not the wrong ones... (He/She didn't even look at me, refused to shake my hand etc......) There was none of that. Not for me anyway. So I hope the diamond pass trend continues and I hope the next set of guests are as fan friendly. The likes of Chris Pratt, Will Smith, Hugh Jackman, Dwayne Johnson always come across as being good peoples and I think that is what we need. Big guests that are genuinely happy to attend and meet fans....... The demand is there! People will pay the money, we've seen that this year. That said, everyone I met was fantastic. Rose Leslie was a lovely, lovely girl. We all know how much of a great guy Ray Park is and it was great seeing him again. Hayley Atwell was very nice, as was Carrie Henn and Colette Hiller was incredibly fan friendly. Great guests, great weekend!
  2. It was a great weekend but it was obviously very crowded, a bit disorganised in places, and quite stressful at certain points. The best thing I did was head outside for some fresh air every few hours to escape the crowds. However, I must say that every single crew member I met seemed helpful and was doing their best in quite difficult circumstances. The Chris Lloyd autograph queue and photo area's A and C spring to mind. The layout needs more thought next year and better communication needs to be employed. And please invest in some of these for the weekend! http://www.yahire.com/index.php/tensa-barrier-hire.html
  3. More Aliens guests please! And another Aliens talk as the one at LFCC was fantastic!
  4. You might have ended up getting one but at the time Chris left for his final 5pm photo's and had agreed to come back to sign, it was for VQ ticket holders from No 1 onwards so they gave realistic info at the time as there were a lot of VQ ticket holders behind the gold pass holders. A lot of people had low VQ numbers so I (120) and a number of others left the line. It was only due to Colette's queue going so slowly (what a wonderful lady!) that I was still at the venue at around 5.50 when the queue had died down and they had just called 'up to' VQ 110. I got it by the skin of my teeth but my BTTF2 poster looks incredible.... I was extremely lucky and it only happened due to SM. They couldn't have known how limited Chris's signing time would be, they managed to get all diamond pass holders through and still gave some more of us an opportunity. Huge thanks to SM, Rich, and Chris Lloyd who must have been shattered by the end of the weekend but still came back to sign.
  5. As I said, I had VQ 120 and they called upto VQ125 at around 5.55pm. They had called upto 110 when I got back to the line so knew I had a chance. (Thank God Colette kept me talking and taking photos for about 10 mins! She was an utter delight and made everyone feel special. Fantastic lady!) Anyway, They were going up in increments of 10-15 as there was a group of approx 30 standing at the barrier with VQ tickets going up into some pretty high numbers. I left after getting my auto but they were still calling numbers as I walked out. A guy with a VQ in the 500's (I think) gave me his BTTF DVD cover to sign but it was only one item per guest so I couldn't do it. If you read these forums then apologies again man, if i could have done it for you then I would have. Hope you managed to get it! Hopefully everyone that stayed got their auto as it's a very special one. SM were brilliant the way they handled the situation. Mary controlled the situation supremely well. And special mention to the guy in the blue shirt that brought order to chaos throughout the sunday at the Chris Lloyd queue. A genuinely good guy who helped everybody out. Managing the Chris Lloyd line must have been extremely challenging and everyone that ran the line over the weekend made the best of what was often a difficult situation. I'll be doing a weekend review so will be mentioning this with ideas for improving the process at future events....
  6. It was fantastic that Chris Lloyd came back but let's not forget that SM/Jason made it happen. Huge thanks to them as well. They couldn't have known how slowly and meticulously Chris would be signing over the 3 days. (It's a wonderful auto!) SM went above and beyond to help as many people as they could and should be commended.
  7. Rich, I can't say what the process was like on sat or sun as I managed to get my auto on Friday but I found the process to be very well done. Mainly due to the gentleman in charge on the Friday (not sure of his name) but he was fantastic. Loud, clear and concise when required, answered all questions extremely politely and ensured as many diamond passes got in as possible. It helped massively that the signing was done in a private room. It was very well organised and should be the norm for diamond guests going forward in my opinion. Thanks again anyway matey.
  8. Dude! Bcos of you, yes!! The remaining diamond passes got through just before his 5pm photo shoot and SM/Jason convinced him to come back for people waiting in line. We were told that it was by VQ number only and to expect only 1-50 to get through. I gave up and went to get my freebie autos with Trevor Steedman and Collete and came back about 5.50 to see what was happening. They called VQ 125 as I got there so I got the auto at about 6pm by the skin of my teeth! Meant a huge amount to be able to add it to my BTTF2 poster that Michael signed on Friday so I cannot thank you enough man. Next event you go to, let me know so I can buy you a couple of beers. Thanks again mate. Means a huge amount to me. JB
  9. Thanks man. Getting warm in here already so if I'm not in a light blue Hurley hoody I'll be in a light blue t shirt! Enjoy your shoot.
  10. Would be great if I can take ur 120 off your hands! Unless u need it....
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