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  1. Tv and movie guest suggestions

    How about the principal voice cast from "The Incredibles" and "Incredibles 2"?
  2. Tv and movie guest suggestions

    I wouldn't mind seeing the whole main cast of "Friday Night Dinner" at Film & Comic Con Glasgow. Tom Rosenthal, Simon Bird, Tamsin Greig, Paul Ritter, and Mark Heap.
  3. Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Can we have ├║ber-fan Andy Mansion bring his collection of screen used "Dredd" props and costumes to Glasgow, please?
  4. Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Man of a thousand voices Jon Culshaw.
  5. Tv and movie guest suggestions

    I can tell you that the actor who played Dandy Dan is dead. He suffered a lot from ME, and sadly took his own life when he was only in his 20s.
  6. Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Big fan of Bugsy Malone, and I wouldn't mind meeting some of the cast myself. But the problem is, other than Jodie Foster, Scott Baio, and Dexter Fletcher, I don't think any of the cast made any other films/TV and just drifted out of acting.
  7. Guest Suggestions

    A minor improvement would be better signage at the event. A couple of years ago, I wandered around three or four times wondering where the guests were before I noticed someone going upstairs.
  8. Tv and movie guest suggestions

    The Aquabats!
  9. Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Couple of cast members from the revived series of SWAT would be nice. Shemar Moore (Hondo). Alex Russell (Jim Street). Lina Esco (Chris Alonso). Kenny Johnson (Dom Luca). Jay Harrington (Deke Kay). David Lim (Victor Tan). Lou Ferrigno Jr. (Rocker) And young Lou could even bring his dad Lou Sr. (The Incredible Hulk).
  10. Guest Suggestions

    Very true, yes. :)
  11. Guest Suggestions

    What it all boils down to is - 1) Which actors/actresses are in the UK at the time of the event. 2) Which actors/actresses can Showmasters afford to pay an appearance fee. 3) Which actors/actresses actually want to appear at an event. And 4) If an actor/actress gets paying work between the time they're announced as a guest and the time the event happens, the work comes first.
  12. Guest Suggestions

    As P.T. Barnum once (allegedly) said "You can please all the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time."
  13. Tv and movie guest suggestions

    The surviving cast members from "Allo Allo". Arthur Bostrom (Officer Crabtree) for example.
  14. Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Vic Armstrong.
  15. Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Two words ladies an' germs. Adam Savage.