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  1. Horror Guests and Horror Franchises

    the lost boys is a classic what about G ton mac who wrote the song horror guests are becoming more popular !! c.j. graham Friday the 13th p.j. soles halloween Jamie lee curtis
  2. collectormania

    hi can someone tell me if there is still a collectormania in may ?coz im wanting too book holiday time off thanks
  3. Where are we all Travelling From?

    from luton for 2 days
  4. friday show

    can we still buy at the door for a ticket on Friday to get entry instead of buying in advance
  5. Guest Suggestions

    hi what aboult the comic graders cgc to come to London for people to get there comics graded
  6. Guest Suggestions

    please with the horror vibe going on Jamie lee Curtis pj soles
  7. Guest Suggestions

    as we have freedy kruger and Jason this year at London the horror section is getting noticed but we got two of the biggest icons of horror but what about Michael myers Halloween is a big franchise im sure one of the actors who played Michael would love to come over and do the costume photo op plus p.j soles is a good guest please
  8. Latest Guest Announcement - KEN KIRZINGER

    yay its horror time at the London film and comic con
  9. Tickets on sale online now

    when do the tickets get sent out ?
  10. Showmasters Winter

    p.j. soles has wanted to come over hear for a while now we need Halloween guests
  11. great guest how much would it be to sign boxing gloves ? and are we aloud to take a photo of the item getting singed
  12. Diamond Guest Suggestions

    Jamie lee Curtis mark Hamill Sigourney weaver Jason patric - the lost boys betsy palmer - Friday the 13th jeff goldblem
  13. Guest suggestions

    Flash back to the 80's betsy palmer - Friday the 13th steve guttenberg - police academy p.j. soles - Halloween Edward herrman - the lost boys Dianne wiest - the lost boys

    how abt getting betsy palmer - Friday the 13th please
  15. Latest Guest Announcement - LANCE GUEST

    please can we get more Halloween 2 guest's please