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  1. Better late than never, eh? I hope these work, they link to my Facebook. I missed the Opening Ceremony and Cocktail party... Saturday Pictures: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10100281525363220.1073741837.50902663&type=1&l=204969cb69 Sunday Pictures: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10100292787084640.1073741838.50902663&type=1&l=3ddd726c7e
  2. I'm not sure if you have these in the UK but in the states we have "reinforcers" for notebook paper, specifically to go around holes of notebook paper holes that have been torn but need to go into a binder, is there some sort of equivalent in the UK? and if not, I'm more than willing to donate a few boxes of them (super cheap and all in the states) so that those who find themselves with badges tearing could go up to various places and get these :) they do help!
  3. David and Kate Hewlett (trust me, I'm excited to see them together in Chicago in August and have seen them together not at a convention and it's hilarious!) Chuck Campbell, so hilarious! Ben Browder Claudia Black Corin Nemec (shame he wasn't able to make it this time around so how about next time!) Michael Shanks (what can I say? I can't see that guy enough) Lexa Doig Repeats... Cliff, Paul, David Nykl, Dan Payne (although he didn't have his other half Alex Zahara which makes for all the more fun!)
  4. Linz

    Party Photos

    Thanks for sharing! As soon as I get back to the states tomorrow evening, I will post all my pics as well :) Mostly they're just of guests during talks though as I sort of missed the parties, oops, lol
  5. Linz

    Thank you!

    I would like to say a HUGE HUGE HUGE THANK YOU for making my first Massive Events Chevron convention a really awesome experience for both my husband and I. Even with all the drama, headaches I'm sure I gave the staff, you all were extremely understanding and kind. Thank you again!!! I know that if we can come in April, we will come to 8.1, it all depends on my spring semester schedule as I'm headed back to graduate school this fall.
  6. LOL so according to my friend who is checking in own our cats and collecting mail, our reg letter came today (we are in Honolulu LOL) and have G149/150 whoohoo! last two gold tix, we cut it close but totally worth it. I hope brining our emails will work just as well since we won't be stopping by home on our way to Birmingham.
  7. P.S. I'm hoping we play some Blackjack at Vegas night! I'll even be dealer! I wish I could find my multiple decks I won at the Flamingo in Vegas!
  8. So better late than never to see this message LOL since I'll be out of country before convention, FB groups are easier to check :) And I have requested to join so we can chat it up on there too. I'm getting SUPER excited. I have my scrub bottoms and lab coat for Friday's party (working on a shirt in right color) and picking out something for Vegas night... I wish my cousin was coming cause she's so amazing at face makeup, I could do a female goth wraith but unfortunately it might be a "typical Vegas party girl" but more than likely, it might be me in what I wore last time I was actually i
  9. Thanks for the update Yvie! Did you get my email? I won't be home (leaving in 24 hours) so I hope you didn't spend postage on mine since it's all the way in the states I hope that it's ok I bring the print out confirmations. Also, will we be able to purchase extra autographs at the convention?
  10. If I am going to be out of the country already at the end of this week but then coming directly to Chevron 8 event, what do I bring? I'm afraid our mailed out packages won't get here before we leave this Friday and there's no way for us to get them next week. Help!
  11. Oooh, like the Vegas wraith... all dark and hardcore looking... that'd be something I wish I had the time/patience for the makeup
  12. Oh ok, good to know. Not that I was going to go into too far revealing, more like just party girl Vegas type of idea. (and when you've been to Vegas, a lot of these ladies look like they could jump right on a pole )
  13. *wondering if going "Vegas strip" chick would be overboard...* And I seriously need a labcoat... where I can buy one of those cheap? hmmm *starts thinking of Doctor friends to steal---I mean borrow from*
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