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  1. clanger68

    Latest Guest Announcement - RYAN GAGE

    Superb, he was amazing in Musketeers.
  2. clanger68

    Latest Guest Announcement - KATY MANNING

    What a fantastic guest, great way to start.
  3. clanger68

    Latest Guest Announcement - DAN STARKEY

    Fantastic, I know someone who will be very happy indeed. Sontar-Ha!
  4. The Doctor, on our doorstep. Yaaaaay.
  5. They don't get much better than this, will be an absolute pleasure to see Jeremy again.
  6. Great guest, a very nice Doctor Who guest theme coming together.
  7. Lovely lady, very friendly. Great guest.
  8. Fantastic, what a superb guest.
  9. clanger68

    Latest Guest Announcement - JOHN LEVENE

    The dependable Sgt Benton, yaay.
  10. clanger68

    Guest Suggestions

    I would love to see Julian Bleach one day, he has done a superb job with his portrayal of Davros.
  11. Fantastic! Best Radagast of them all.
  12. clanger68

    Latest Guest Announcement - ANNEKE WILLS

    Lovely lady, always pleased to see Doctor Who guests in the Southwest.
  13. Lovely man, great guest, always a pleasure to see him.
  14. clanger68

    Hi to everyone in Exeter

    Oooh, that's practically on my doorstep, fantastic news.
  15. clanger68

    Who stood out ?

    ......and we gave up trying to keep the Predators in line, especially the short ones! It was great to see you Peyton. Cheers, Andy