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  1. bionicruth

    Mini Princess Leia thanks you!

    I too would like to thank everyone who waved at Mini Leia (my niece) I have been attending Showmasters events since their humble beginnings and can honestly say that this one stands out for the fun we had watching her run around the venue smiling at everyone and kissing R2 D2! Thank you one and all and we will see you at LFCC :)
  2. bionicruth

    Latest Guest Announcement: Ke Huy Quan

    F*****G GUTTED! I can't make this midlands, and I would have bought two auto's. Hopefully he will love it so much he'll come back again
  3. bionicruth

    What did you buy?

    sadly .... nothing .. but not for lack of looking. The reason we went up was to do a little Xmas shopping but bought nothing ...'cept a photoholder for my free Rusty Goff auto .... and a Pizza!
  4. bionicruth

    The 'Post Your Pics' Thread

    Where did you meet Bananarama?!
  5. bionicruth

    My thoughts on Collectormania Midlands 2

    "My thoughts on Collectormania Midlands 2" Brief. We drove up from Bedfordhshire, spent a couple of hours browsing the stalls and came away. It was eerily quiet but nice nonetheless. Grabbed my free Rusty Goff Auto (what a nice man) even though I felt a bit cheeky ... but a nice one to add to my star wars collection, had a pizza and left. Shout out to the crew on the door as we left who, even though we weren't coming back in, insisted on stamping our hands (and our pizza box) on the way out to complete our Collectormania experience. Made us laugh!
  6. bionicruth

    New venue for Collectormania Midlands 3

    Well it was on the flyer I picked up at the organisers desk so I am thinking it'll be a yes!
  7. bionicruth

    Midlands 3?

    Nice one, thank you kindly!
  8. bionicruth

    Midlands 3?

    Forgive me if this has already been discussed in one of the other threads but to read all the posts of late would take an epic amount of time! My goodness you guys have really been getting into it! Gauntlets thrown and everything! I notice there is no Midlands 3 on the UPCOMING EVENTS. Will there be one before MK15 next year ... cos June is so far off and i'll need my fix before then .
  9. bionicruth


    Three little words ... DEE WALLACE STONE (Please!!)
  10. bionicruth

    Margot Kidder

    I did wonder if she had called Jason and asked!! heh heh .. that rocks! Guests ASKING to attend! Honestly, get her auto next time, she is well worth the money and is such a lovely lady.
  11. bionicruth

    Thank you to all that came to LFCC

    Awesome weekend was had and thank you .. can I just say .. Virtual Queue ticket distribution on Saturday morning was the smoothest, stress free one I have ever attended ( and I have been to most of them). Plenty of space, nice and relaxed, perfectly organised, very civilised indeed! Perfect start to the day, and indeed the whole weekend.
  12. bionicruth

    Margot Kidder

    Apologies if this is somewhere else on the forum, I looked but couldn't see anything ... Margot Kidder - what a sweet lady and so happy to be there for her fans, advising you on you photo choices, making sure you get a great photo with her, taking her own money ... yeah .. taking her own money. I have to ask because I am simply that nosey ... how come she was workin' it all alone? Not that I am complaining, she was doing a stand up job, but I was suprised to see a guest left all alone. I was so pleased she had a steady queue for two whole days cos otherwise I would have worried she was lonely. I was pleased to see her chatting to the crew member helping the guest to her left ( can't remember who it was) She was real value for money but it was kinda wierd that she was sorting out her change under the table on a chair ( for safety she said). Bless her. I can whole heartedly recommend treating yourself to her autograph if you see her next time and you haven't already done so, she is so endearing in an orange anorak wearing kinda way!
  13. bionicruth

    How was your Patrick Stewart experience this year?

    Fast! Gotta say I wasn't going to get his auto but made a deal with my brother. "If he is open Q before we leave I am going for it!" Lo and behold he was. My experience was fast but very smooth. Crew were brilliant as always. The lady who was with him commented on my Indy shirt and while we were chatting I missed him signing my photo! No matter though ( cos the crew member in question was fantastic, friendly and STILL SMILING!) I got to Patrick and said "I believe that one is mine" to which he replied "jolly good" I said "Thank you very much to which he smiled and replied "no, thank YOU very much" pointing his finger in the air .. almost a "make it so moment" So glad I did it, It was a brief but memorable experience that was completely stress free. Kudos to the crew once again
  14. bionicruth

    jason mewes talk!

    Hear Hear! Took my other half to the talk and she didn't know who he was - After half an hour of laughing she is now insisting on a Kevin Smith Movie Marathon! I wasn't sure what to expect from Jason on the day but found him to be my highlight. He was so nice when signing and so interesting to hear talk .. and funny as hell. What a nice guy, completely honest and up front even when he told us he wasn't any good at talks as Kevin was better at them. He did a brilliant job and the half an hour flew by. Shame it ended just as he was hitting his stride! Love him! Jason Mewes is a LEGEND!
  15. bionicruth

    so come on...come clean whos done this

    Depends on the guest for me. I had trouble with Karen Allen and Christopher Lloyd this time round but was reasonably okay with the rest. Usually I clam up but oh dear ... Poor Karen Allen .. I had just met Jason Mewes and was on such a high that when I got the Karen (who I was so excited to meet) I just began to ramble insanely and i think I scared her. Have decided to try again if she comes back ( with a scrooged poster next time) and rectify my mad moment if only to satisfy my inner embarrassment!