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  1. Well as with other Stargate events good line up of guests but where are the ladies ?
  2. barnowl


    Just booked a room for the friday and sat on a Hotel booking site £78 pn with breakfast so i'm ready to go
  3. barnowl


    Does anyone know if the hotel booking code still works?
  4. I have found some of the supporting cast have occasionally outshone some of the main cast so don’t think they won’t be entertaining or enlightening and be prepared to have fun
  5. barnowl

    Warehouse 13

    Just watched this weeks Warehouse 13 and who appeared Gareth David Lloyd nice to see him and a good performance as well still a few more times to catch it on SyFi
  6. barnowl

    Tom Price for Hub 7

    Tom on his own would be good with Kai and john you will dammage the Barrowman line permently
  7. Robert Picardo - Mr Woosley 3 different Stargate series And lots of other shows like Kojak St Elsewere Wonder years Westwing CSI New york Chuck Castle not forgetting Star Trek Voyager and many film rolls a good guest to have?
  8. barnowl

    Re: Hotel code

    Although the hotel booking codes have not been released what about a parking discount?
  9. barnowl

    event dvd

    Ok fair enough As my mother says you dont ask you dont get!
  10. Just booked for the Hub dont know the number but have been to all of them so far
  11. barnowl

    event dvd

    Just been to the event shop and saw that Eternal Twilight has a dvd of the 2009 event. how about one for The Hub?
  12. I also agree a good idea no more rushing to the hotel room for forgoten book but also agree about liking to keep the badges too
  13. Just seen it on Channel One first episode a show i would watch good sense of fun with a good story only hope i can find it in the sky schedual after the changes so why are they still advertising other programes coming to the channel later on in the year if the channel will not exist?
  14. Great episode like the way you learn more about the Doctor with every story and what a great impresion of the Tardiis landing very funny
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