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  1. Laraneia

    Thanks for a great event!

    Superb con experience. I will be back
  2. Laraneia

    Usual can we have the talks on dvd please thread.

    Thirded! I would love to have these on DVD
  3. Laraneia

    Alastair's Angels

    I think we should have a t-shirt! I was not expecting Mark to be so awesome He was my favourite guest this weekend! We kicked Gods ass!! And as Team Captain I'd like to say that we are very proud of our team and we would love to work with you again
  4. Laraneia

    Ticket numbers

    I'm Gold 31 and my friend Eva is G32
  5. Laraneia

    Schedule of Events

    This is a non-quiz related question *shock* I have a gold ticket, and if I don't want to miss anything Friday night I have to dress for the party before the opening ceremony..... Is that normal/how it's supposed to be/ok? :)
  6. Laraneia

    RH Attendees - Introduce Yourself!

    Forum Name - WraithQueen Real Name -Yvonne Age/Location - 28/Kristiansand, Norway What Ticket have you got? - Golden Most wanted guest for RH? - Jensen or Misha Hotel? - The Hilton Facebook/MySpace etc. - nope, but you can mail me at laraneia2@hotmail.com Favourite Other TV Show? - Glee Anything else we need to know? - I am a major geek, and I love getting to know people even though I don't look it, lol
  7. Laraneia

    Misha Collins Request Thread!

    I'm gonna bump this thread because Misha is just that awesome He's the one I'd like to meet the most, it would totally make my year..or life.... Yes, I'm a Minion, why do you ask?
  8. Laraneia


    JDM is the only one I'd be scared to talk to, he's too awesome But I'd love to stare at him from afar
  9. Laraneia

    Jared Padalecki

    I think Jared would be an awesome addition to the guest list, he seems like such a fun and friendly guy. Not to mention he's REALLY hot *cough*
  10. Laraneia

    Jensen Ackles Request Thread

    If there's anyone who doesn't want Jensen to be there, then they're going to the wrong convention Get Jensen
  11. Laraneia

    Christopher Heyerdahl - Alastair #2!

    I would love to meet him, he is awesome in everything he's in And so unappreciated He deserves to be exposed to us....hmm...is that really a good thing?
  12. Laraneia

    Hotel Code?

    I e-mailed the hotel and asked if I could get the normal rate from Thursday to Friday (cause we're coming from Norway on Thursday), and get the discount on the other nights and that was no problem. So far I am very happy with this hotel
  13. Laraneia

    Sunday Night - Devil's Gates Party

    I'm going as a classic "dracula" vampire, fangs and velvet all the way. And I'm either bringing my own victim, or a Striga
  14. Laraneia

    Saturday Night - Ben's Birthday Bash

    I agree on the jeans, band t-shirt and plaid shirt combo, that's what I'm going to be wearing