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  1. WOOHOO! Two VIP's sitting quite happily on my desk Thank you Showmasters!! Anybody else got theirs yet?
  2. My god, you poor thing. I really hope that first and foremost you get better quickly and never have to have an LP ever again - i can sympathise from experience. Very same thing happened to me when i was 13 and i wouldn't wish it on anyone. I'm so sorry you'll not be able to make it to C6 too, and i really hope you can maybe find a way. Take care, and i really hope you get well soon.
  3. Ah crap, i was so looking forward to seeing her Totally understand though, and i'm muchly looking forward to seeing Season 8, and hopefully Amanda at a future event?
  4. Hmmm, i once saw an episode of Mac where the guy that plays Malakai in Window Of Opportunity was playing a poacher called Earl, does that count?! Also seen Don S. Davis in various episodes, though not any General-Hammond-esque roles... Just in case i'm right: WHAT DOES SAM SAY 'SAMANTHA' MEANS, TO CORSO IN 'FORSAKEN'?
  5. Yikes, looks like i'm the only cheapskate in the £51-75 area!
  6. Well i only really have one thing to say. It starts with a 'D', ends with an 'E', and as 'ONNI' in the middle, can anyone guess? Actually that's a lie, i'd also like to mention James Badge Dale, Sarah Clarke, and Xander Berkeley. Just in passing, as you do...
  7. Firstly, Kynthia is from Argos ("Brief Candle"). Secondly, is Charlie's middle name Tyler? I remember seeing it somewhere like a baseball certificate, maybe in the movie. As for another question, hmm... WHAT WAS SAM MAKING WHEN SHE LEARNT OF HER MOTHERS DEATH? Bit depressing, but i'm drawing a total blank here!
  8. According to this Gateworld page (three articles down), Season 8 starts on Tuesday, October 5th, and Atlantis on Tuesday, October 12th - both on Sky One, of course. As far as i can gather, the first two eps of Season 8 (New Order pt.1+2) will be shown that first Tuesday, then the first two eps of Atlantis (Rising pt.1+2) the week after. After that, i'm hoping that there'll be one episode of each every week. Does that make sense?
  9. Correct! Do you have another question Queen_Sindel?
  10. Is it 'The Serpent's Venom', tiggerific? Ok, how about: NAME 3 EPISODES IN WHICH MEMBERS OF THE DELUISE FAMILY HAVE APPEARED.
  11. My vote's with Craig Parker again Or, as others have mentioned - David Wenham and Miranda Otto would both be fantastic.
  12. Ooh, Paul Bettany would be brilliant, i absolutely love A Knight's Tale, and Geoff is definitely my favourite character, he's just so damn good! Great suggestion, i'm totally behind this one
  13. *blink* Oh. my. god. This is unreal, Showmasters you never cease to amaze me, thank you SO much for getting Billy!!
  14. I have to say that out of the lasses (besides Sarah Clarke), my vote is with Reiko Aylesworth. Michelle just kicked so much ass in S3, she rocks! And although Kim's character annoys me a little, i'll be the first to admit that Elisha Cuthbert is an exceptional actress too :) (and gimme an 'E'! What do we get..?!)
  15. Yusuf! He's amazing! Yay for Yusuf fans, we should start a club or something... I totally agree Tiggsy, any 24 guests would just make my day completely :) (And another 'N'!)
  16. Heh, well she is! Have you seen these Handy Diagrams? Totally crack me up! (Give me a 'D'!)
  17. Would be wonderful to get both Berkeley and Clarke - George and Nina are undoubtedly my two favourite characters after Yusuf. The first i ever saw of 24, actually, was George Mason sitting in an ambulance, being told he was going to die, and asking for a suit so he could get back to work. I think i fell in love with the character in that instant, and cried my little heart out when he died (dude, there's no crying smiley!). Plus Nina, i mean, she's Evil Incarnate, what's not cool about that?! (PS - DONNIE!)
  18. How d'you do that?! You read my mind! Now, to think of something catchy... ... Nope, i'm all out: GO DONNIE!
  19. *leaps!* And no need to apologise, i'm pretty sure that's the correct spelling It's so great to find that somebody else appreciated that role so much. I'm not sure why it stuck with me like it has, but i just admired the character so much and loved the way Donnie played him out. Same with Xander Berkeley in S2, though i'm a great champion of the underdog, so Go Donnie!
  20. About Donnie Keshawarz? Or just in general? Forgive me for leaping on you if you're a Yusuf fan, you'd be one of the first i've found!
  21. Yaaaay, brave_hobbit! Another David Thewlis fan Lol, i hear ya Ceirdwyn , i can think of many worse ways to go though!
  22. It goes without saying just how much I agree with this – bring on the 24 guests! And I just have to put in a special little mention for Donnie Keshawarz (Yusuf Auda in S2), I will never get over just how amazing a character that was. I would most definitely love to see Xander Berkeley, Sarah Clarke and James Badge Dale (phwoar) too
  23. *waves*, me and my friend Liz will be there, VIP, woot!
  24. Excellent, thank you very much Showmasters :)
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